Rules of conduct.
To ensure the safety and comfort of all MTD riders, please be advised that the following rules will be enforced on all MTD properties, including vehicles, shelters, the Illinois Terminal (inside and out) and other MTD properties.
Be courteous and kind.
Please do not litter on MTD vehicles, at MTD facilities, or at MTD stop locations. Trash receptacles are on buses near the front door and at every facility.
Eating and drinking are prohibited on MTD vehicles. Tobacco and nicotine products (including smokeless) are also prohibited.
Riders with disabilities and senior riders have seating priority. Please be courteous during boarding or alighting, and offer your seat to these riders when needed. The seats at the front of the bus are prioritized for seniors and riders with disabilities.
Please do not use any electronic devices or musical instruments in a manner which may be distracting and/or offensive to others on MTD vehicles.
Please do not use loud, explicit, or vulgar language.
Please wear proper attire. If you are not wearing shoes or a shirt, you will not be provided service.
Solicitations are prohibited.
Hazardous materials (for example, gas containers or vehicle batteries) are not allowed on MTD vehicles.
Firearms are prohibited pursuant to 430 ILCS 66/65.
Pets are allowed on all MTD vehicles when transported in an appropriate pet carrier. Pets must remain in carriers at all times and may not obstruct the aisle. Carrier requirements do not apply to service animals for persons with disabilities
Passengers are responsible for carrying their pet carrier and any other heavy items. Operators may not provide assistance carrying heavy items on or off the bus. Do not block aisle.
Failure to abide by these rules may result in the removal or expulsion of individual(s) from MTD property.