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Want a map of your stop? Or how about the real-time departure information for all buses arriving in the next half hour? Then you've come to the right place. For a treasure trove of timely information, updated 'round the clock, use this convenient look up tool to find the latest information on any official MTD stop.

Welcome to the MTD Bus Stop Lookup

How does it work?
Just type in a street, an intersection or a local landmark, and we'll help you find your stop. If it's in our database, you'll get a direct link. If not, you can search for the nearest official stop based on Google search results. For a full list, just click the location that seems like the best match.

Google inside.
Because our bus stop lookup incorporates Google search results, you don't have to know an exact address to find your stop. Just give us a street, a business name or even a nearby landmark, and we'll show you the results from our database, as well as everything from Google to help you narrow your search.

GPS outside.
Because Bus Stop Lookup is powered by STOPwatch, you'll never have to wonder if your bus is on time again. Using global positioning satellites (GPS), STOPwatch tracks every bus in our system, so you'll always know when to expect the next bus.