At the stop.
Powered by STOPwatch
At key MTD bus stops, you'll see an automated display listing the departure times for all the buses scheduled to arrive in the next half hour. So even when you can't see your bus, you'll know that it's coming, allowing you to relax and focus on other things.
The STOPwatch system links key bus stops with our main control center, providing riders at each stop with upcoming departures, based on the latest GPS data. With a quick check of the display, you'll know what buses are coming and when you can expect them to arrive with a countdown provided in minutes.

At major MTD stops, look for STOPwatch.PLUS. Using state-of-the-art HD monitors, STOPwatch.PLUS provides the same real-time departure information you'll see at regular stops, along with the date and time, weather conditions and the latest reroute and safety information.