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Green Evening | Weekday Night

    REROUTE ALERT: Parkland College Reroute and Stop Relocation

    With the beginning of the service day on Thursday, April 26 2012, the Parkland College Circle Drive will be closed and the bus stop will be relocated.

    7E&7W/9A/9B/50 - 70 evening & 190: Bradley entrance to perimeter road to lot B5 to end of lot B7 to new stop & pad located just west of the receiving dock by building D.

    Exit through lots C1 & C2 to Perimeter Road to Bradley exit.

    ESTIMATED END DATE: 5/1/2014


    • 7 Grey
    • 9A Brown
    • 9B Brown
    • 50 Green Evening
    • 70 Grey

    REROUTE ALERT: Stop closure at Sixth & Green

    Due to construction, buses will not board or alight passengers on eastbound trips at the intersection of Sixth & Green.

    ESTIMATED END DATE: 5/28/2014


    • 5 Green
    • 5 Green Express
    • 50 Green
    • 50 Green Evening
    • 50 Green Late Night