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Karl Gnadt MTD's Managing Director

On July 1, 2014, Karl Gnadt became MTD's Managing Director. Mr. Gnadt began as MTD's Director of Market Development in 1995. He graduated from Indiana University in 1990 with a B.S. in Public Administration, Public Transportation concentration. After college, Mr. Gnadt joined Danville (IL) Mass Transit where he became the Mass Transit Director in 1991. Among his accomplishments are:   

  • Leading and collaborating on construction and acquisition projects to physically grow District facilities and fleet
  • Managing implementation of sophisticated technological tools to improve operations and communications 
  • Building long-term, successful relationships with governmental partners including the Federal Transit Administration and the Illinois Department of Transportation 
  • Having sole responsibility for grant management and assisting with budget preparation and management 
  • Developing and launching a comprehensive real-time information communication system and District website 
  • Launching multiple image and awareness campaigns and developing the District's successful use of social media
  • Leading and championing sustainability initiatives and MTD's quest for ISO 14001 certification 
  • Participating actively in the American Public Transportation Association and Illinois Public Transportation Association

Gnadt said, "I'm very excited to be working with such a hard-working, dedicated group of people. MTD has been built on the backs of their commitment and sweat. And we've got great places still to go."  

MTD employs 345, operates 102 buses, and provides more than 13 million annual rides. Mr. Gnadt's skills, energy, and experience will enable the District to continue on the path of excellence, dependability, innovation, and growth.