July 19, 2018
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Model Employees

Another way some MTD employees take their “training” seriously. 

A long look at the club’s H0 layout.

MTD bus operator Paul Yoos was up early last Sunday. Arriving at Lincoln Square Mall well before the 10am start time, Paul made a few needed repairs to a track until another retired MTD operator took his place in the center of an approximately 24′ x 16′ model train layout. For the rest of the day, model and railroad aficionados took turns answering questions about model trains from the public at the Urbana Train Show.

As President of CU MTD Employees Model Railroad Club, Yoos is clearly comfortable talking with train enthusiasts and newbies alike. His love for trains is lifelong, and he was active for nearly a decade at the Monticello Railway Museum.

The club had also spent Friday evening unloading train sets, unpacking materials, and assembling the intricate layout.

An aerial view of an intersection in the club’s layout.

The MTD club’s layout is an operating H0 scale (1:87, or for those who like to be exact, 1:87.0857142) model. H0 scale (pronounced h-oh, not h-zero, and not ho) is the most popular scale of model railroads worldwide.

Established in 2005, the MTD club is voluntary and completely self-funded from member dues. Since 2006, club members have attended annual events like the Urbana Train Show and hosted open houses to display their trains at MTD.

After the show last weekend, the club repacked and loaded the layout for transport to its new home in MTD’s Maintenance, Safety & Training Facility at 803 East University, Urbana.

Visit MTD’s Facebook or Instagram for more photos from the show.

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