July 15, 2018
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Memo to MTD planner: Breathe! (From The News-Gazette)

“In between earning an MBA from the University of Illinois, studying to become a yoga instructor, teaching a couple of yoga classes a week and spending a year in the American Public Transportation Association‘s Emerging Leaders Program, Jane Sullivan found time to be a key part of the team that secured $44 million in funding for Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District‘s MCORE project.” :Marcus Jackson/The News-Gazette

On MCORE: “‘The transformative impact that’s going to have on our community is just so exciting, so amazing to be a part of,’ Sullivan said. ‘Because I was able to be involved in the planning process, I’m able to see into the future of how beneficial this project will be whenever this construction mess is done. We know it’s a pain, and it’s difficult for everyone, but I’m able to visualize the benefits, and that’s really cool.'”

On being a forever student: “I’m trying to take a break,” [Sullivan] says, “but we’ll see how long that lasts.”

On giving her time to teach a yoga class at CUMTD: “I know how challenging it can be on the body to sit at a desk most of the day like most of us do and also to drive a bus,” [Sullivan] said. “I wanted to bring this to those people, so I started offering some free yoga classes to anyone at MTD, and you’re allowed to bring a guest, so that helps if you can bring your husband, your wife or a friend along.”

Learn more about CUMTD Grant Manager & Sustainability Planner Jane Sullivan in The News-Gazettehttp://bit.ly/2skd871.

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