July 19, 2018
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Green Light: MCORE Update

Construction for the Multimodal Corridor Enhancement (MCORE) Project continues! Here’s how it has progressed since the update we provided in early March.

Construction Progress

March and April were filled with saw cutting, water main construction, and sanitary sewer work on Green Street in both Champaign and Urbana. Illinois American Water is using MCORE construction activities as an opportunity to replace the water main in these areas. Access to properties is maintained via alternative routes and businesses remain open throughout construction.

Streets have opened up and tools will be put away in Urbana near the Illini Union to make way for the Illinois Marathon April 20 – 22.

The area in front of the Illini Union on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 has been cleared of construction in anticipation of the Illinois Marathon this weekend.

Meanwhile, work continues and the crew is waiting patiently until late May when University of Illinois graduation is complete to continue with additional road closures.

MTD Graffiti

We’re used to the occasional reroute, but the construction for the MCORE project has led to some major temporary stop relocations. MTD has been using all of our usual forms of communication—it’s all over our website and social media, and bus operators have been communicating it to passengers as well. However, the large number of stop relocations on such an active route has made it particularly challenging. And we know it may only get more complicated as construction continues.

MTD will mark temporary stops with blue spray paint.

In an effort increase communication and make the temporary bus stop locations more visible to passengers, MTD staff brainstormed many possible solutions… discussions about temporary signage brought us to the realization that there are not enough existing poles to utilize or enough space on these corners to install our own temporary poles and signs.

Finally, we came to a viable option: spray paint. MTD maintenance department created a custom-made stencil of the MTD logo. The stencil has been used to paint the logo on the sidewalk at each of the new temporary stop locations. When the temporary stop is no longer needed, we will remove the logo from the sidewalk. You can currently find MTD’s spray painted logo in Champaign along the 5/50 Green and 5 Green Express reroute:


Neil & Springfield (SE Far Side)

Springfield & First (SW Corner)

Springfield & Third (SW Corner)

Springfield & Fourth (SW Corner)

Fourth & Healey (NW Corner)

Green & Fourth (NW Corner)


Green & Fourth (NE Corner)

Fourth & Healey (SE Corner)

Springfield & Third (NE Corner)

Springfield & First (NE Corner)

Neil & Springfield (NE Corner)

In late May, many bus stops along Green Street in Urbana will also be relocated north to Springfield Avenue. At that time you will find MTD’s logo sprayed a the temporary stops in Urbana as well.

Have you spotted MTD’s logo on a sidewalk in Champaign yet?

MTD uses our Flickr Page to give our community an inside look at each Project’s progress. Stay informed about MCORE on Facebook (@MCORECU), Twitter (@mcoreproject), and via email (mcoreproject.com).

About Jane Sullivan

Jane Sullivan is the Grant Manager and Sustainability Planner at the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District.
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