January 23, 2017
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Emergency Food and Shelter in Champaign-Urbana

"champaign" "illinois terminal" "led display" "rainy" "platform b"

MTD’s Illinois Terminal in downtown Champaign serves many purposes including a safe and warm place to wait for your next bus.

Inspired by the good news of an overnight shelter for homeless men in Champaign-Urbana, we’re dedicating this week’s blog post to the food and shelter resources in our community. The winter months can be some of the hardest for the homeless and poor in our community. Transportation is vital to their ability to stay safe and warm, while also accessing the resources they need.

We encourage everyone to use the below information as starting points for trip planning and navigation. Please use our online Trip Planner and web Maps & Schedules to get full details about route paths, hours, and frequency. People can also grab an updated printed copy of our Maps & Schedules book at Illinois Terminal or on board any bus at no charge. And if there is service on the street, there are always people answering the phones who can assist you. So please don’t hesitate to call us at 217.384.8188.

Winter Emergency Shelter for Women

Austin’s Place provides overnight emergency shelter for women during the winter months at First United Methodist Church located at 210 West Church Street in Champaign. The shelter is open through March 15, 2017 from 7:30 pm until 7:00 am.

People can get there during the weekday daytime on the 3 Lavender, 5 Green and GREENhopper, 6 Orange, 7 Grey, or 9A and 9B Brown. During the weekday evening and over the weekend, route options include the 50 Green and 70 Grey.

Winter Emergency Shelters for Men

The two shelters are open through March 31, 2017 from 9:30 pm to 6:30 am. Sunday through Thursday, the shelter is at the First Presbyterian Church located at 302 West Church Street in Champaign. Friday and Saturday, the shelter is the Faith United Methodist Church located located at 1719 South Prospect Avenue in Champaign.

People can get to the First Presbyterian Church during the weekday daytime on the 1 Yellow, 3 Lavender, 5 Green and GREENhopper, 6 Orange, 7 Grey, and 9A or 9B Brown. During the weekday evening, people can take the 50 Green and GREENhopper or the 70 Grey.

"gotta get there" "30 foot" 'bus" "snow" "hybrid"

We seldom let the snow get us down. All members of the community can count on MTD for a ride come snow and ice, rain and fog.

Faith United Methodist Church is served during the day on Friday by the 10 Gold. But those travelling in the evening hours or on Saturday will experience increased difficulty. MTD met with representatives from Faith United Methodist Church, including Sheryl Palmer. She wants to direct men to a few bus stop pick up locations.

“We’re running a shuttle to the Champaign and Urbana Public Libraries – both served by the 50 Green,” Palmer said. “We will also drive into the now vacant County Market parking lot on Kirby near the bus stop of State & Kirby for the 100 Yellow.”

When temperatures fall below 10 degrees, the Faith United Methodist Church shuttles will also stop at The Phoenix located at 34 East Green Street in Champaign. People can get to The Phoenix on the 5/50 Green and GREENhopper.

The Phoenix

This day-time drop in center provides a year-round center and winter daytime warming site for those in our community that need a place to be. Regular hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday from 12:00 to 5:00 pm. Additional hours may be added (ranging between 6:30 am to 9:00 pm) when daytime temperatures drop below zero and volunteers are available.

It is located at 34 East Green Street in Champaign and is served frequently with the combination of the 5/50 Green and GREENhopper.

C-U Canteen Run and Overnight Warming Center

This mobile truck offers food, drinks, and blankets Sundays 3:00 to 5:00 pm and Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 6:30 to 9:00 pm.

The truck leaves from The Salvation Army on Market Street and stops at MTD’s Illinois Terminal (almost every MTD route), West Side Park (3/30 Lavender, 5/50 Green and GREENhopper, 6 Orange, or 7 Grey), Catholic Worker House (1 Yellow, 3 Lavender, 5/50 Green and GREENhopper, 7 Grey, or 9A or 9B Brown), and the Urbana Free Library (5/50 Green and GREENhopper, 7/70 Grey, 8 Bronze, 10 Gold, 11/110 Ruby, or 13/130 Silver).

The Daily Bread Soup Kitchen

A “safe, respectful, and inviting environment in an atmosphere of hope and dignity” is located at 116 North First Street in Champaign. They are open daily from 11:00 am until 12:30 pm (doors are open 10:30 am to 12:45 pm).

The Daily Bread is within walking distance from Illinois Terminal where a majority of MTD routes stop. The closest bus stop is Second & Park which is served by the 7/70 Grey.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army offers emergency housing and a warming center at two locations.

The Salvation Army Red Shield Center serves as a daytime warming center from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. When requested by Champaign County Emergency Management, weekends will also be available for the same hours at The Salvation Army Church.

The Salvation Army Church is located at 502 North Prospect Avenue in Champaign. People can get there by bus during the weekday daytime on the 1 Yellow, 3 Lavender, or 7 Grey. On Saturday and Sunday, the 30 Lavender is the route to take.

The Salvation Army Red Shield Center is located 2212 North Market Street in Champaign. People can take the 1 Yellow and 2 Red during the weekday daytime, the 100 Yellow during the weekday evening, and the 20 Red and 100 Yellow over the weekend.

Additional Resources

We referenced this listing on the City of Champaign’s website to put together this blog post. There are additional resources listed there that include information for families with school-aged children and more details about accessing these services.

Did we miss anything? Add your knowledge to the comments.

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Bike Share Coming to Champaign-Urbana

"research park" "bike to work day" "champaign" "urbana"

Enthusiastic cyclists check in at Research Park during the annual C-U Bike to Work Day. It’s cyclist like these that are inspiring this new partnership.

MTD is about more than buses. We believe public transportation is about mobility and that means choices.  MTD’s service is a critical part of a complex and interrelated mobility network. Which is why we support community partners on projects and readily share our resources. And because of that, we are proud to announce another community transportation partnership.

Presenting Zipbike

Thanks to an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) between MTD, the Cities of Champaign and Urbana, and the University of Illinois, Zipbike is coming to our community! The roots of this IGA were planted in October 2008 when the same agencies got together to bring Zipcar to Champaign-Urbana.

Building off the successful launch of Zipcar, Zipbike will bring bike sharing services to our community. Like Zipcar, Zipbike is a member-driven (literally and figuratively) service where a bike can be picked up at any station around campus and the community, and then dropped off at any other station. Bike sharing services have been popular within large urban communities for many years. The urban-like setting a major university creates in smaller towns generates a similar environment.

"zipcar" "illinois terminal" "university ave" "champaign"

With over a dozen vehicles across Champaign-Urbana, Zipcar is an accessible alternative for people not able or interested in taking on the cost of having a car full time.

A new partnership between Zagster and Zipcar is creating Zipbike – a bike sharing service in university communities. Zipbike has offered Champaign-Urbana a grant on start-up, installation, and on-going expenses to MTD and the University of Illinois. The University of Illinois has a grant that will cover the remaining costs. It’s a win-win-win agreement! One of the primary bike share stations will be at Illinois Terminal.

The tentative plan is to set up 75 bikes across 10 docking stations. The fee to the user will be $50 a year, $55 with a Zipcar membership, or $4 an hour for non-members. The fees will go to Zagster and Zipcar to maintain the program.

Idea Turned Study Turned Reality

Our area’s robust cycling community, fostered each May with Bike Month, have long believed our community yielded adequate demand for a bike share. Students of the University of Illinois have shared similar sentiments. You can read the feasibility study conducted in 2012 that elevated the idea.

Will you use Zipbike? Are you a Zipcar user? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Green Light: Reflecting on 2016

As we welcome 2017 we can’t help but reflect on the year gone by. Here we bring you some of MTD’s favorite sustainability moments, by the numbers.



Our fleet became 60% hybrid

2016 brought 12 new buses to Champaign-Urbana. Three of the new hybrids replaced diesel buses and the fleet grew by nine. This brought MTD’s fleet to 60% hybrid—one of the largest percentages in the nation!




We helped distribute over 1,000 bike light sets at Light the Night

Each September MTD teams up with the City of Champaign, City of Urbana, and the University of Illinois to share a little light with our local bicyclists. In 2016, the group helped install over 1,000 sets of front and back bike lights.




4 local agencies came together to make MCORE happen

The big news came in 2014, but the real magic happened in 2016: two bid lettings and, eventually, a contract award. Prolific collaboration by the four partner agencies kept the project alive through a few bumps in the road.




Staff volunteered for 3 Street Cleanups 

MTD fulfilled our commitment to the Adopt Urbana Program by cleaning up Main Street three times throughout 2016. The final cleanup of the year raised $75 for the Forest Preserve Friends Foundation of Champaign County.




MTD’s panels produced 226,279 kWh of solar energy

The sun shined down on our Maintenance Facility in 2016, creating clean, renewable energy. The panels on MTD’s facility produced solar energy to supplement our electricity needs… 226,279 kilowatt hours to be exact!




Our ISO 14001 Certification turned 4 years old

2016 marks the fourth year of MTD’s ISO 14001 Certification. Our Environmental Management System is going strong—successfully completing a third-party audit each year.


Do you have a favorite sustainability moment in 2016? What do you hope to see MTD accomplish in 2017?

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Voters in Presidential Election Express Bi-Partisan Support for Public Transportation

Adapted from a press release from the American Public Transportation Association released on December 16, 2016.

"downtown urbana" "hybrid bus" "13 silver" "main street" "urbana" "bike statue"

Voters across the country believe in supporting public transportation and the access it provides for all modes.

In the wake of the presidential election, there are few issues that unite Americans more than the critical need to ensure public transportation infrastructure continues to connect our communities. Recently, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) released a poll conducted immediately after the election that shows strong support for continued investment in public transportation, including among a majority of Donald Trump voters.

Nearly 70% of Americans across the country support investment to repair and improve public transportation, per APTA’s survey conducted amongst voters of the last presidential election.

A large majority of Americans who voted for Donald Trump also support greater investment, polling at 65% of those surveyed. The 2016 First View Post-Election Research poll was conducted for APTA by the polling company Heart+Mind Strategies.

“[This] poll…mirrors what we’ve found in the past: Voters from both parties support public transportation,” said Hearts+Minds Strategy CEO and Managing Partner, Dee Allsop. “At a time when there are many public policy issues that highlight divisions, public transportation is an exception.”

The national voter survey showed that:

  • 81% of Donald Trump voters oppose any cuts to current levels of public transportation investment;

  • 69% of all voters support the use of their tax dollars for public transportation. This includes a majority (53 percent) of Trump voters.

  • More than 69% of Americans believe our public transportation infrastructure is in “crisis,” including 63 percent of Trump voters.

“While Americans may be divided on the overall direction of our country, we know this much: Voters for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump support public transportation,” said APTA’s Acting President and CEO Richard A. White. “Americans understand that investment in public transportation creates jobs and that public transportation will produce greater economic growth for our local communities. That’s something we can all get behind.”

APTA officials note through previous studies, economists estimate that for every $1 communities invest in public transportation, approximately $4 is generated in economic returns, both from job creation and from connectivity of our communities.

“There is a bright future ahead for our country when we unite to make smart investments in public transportation that connect and grow our communities,” White said. “This survey demonstrates that Americans agree. We urge Congress to take note and act swiftly.”

The 2016 First View Post-Election Research was conducted online with a representative sample of voters on November 11, 2016 and prepared for APTA by Heart+Mind Strategies. While steps are taken to make these results as representative as possible of 2016 voters, all sample surveys, and polls, whether or not they use probability sampling, are subject to multiple sources of error, including sampling error, coverage error, error associated with question wording and more. In the case where none of these sources of error are present, a probability sample size of 1003 would have a margin of error of +/- 3.1% at the 95% confidence level.

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Winter Break Service Reductions 2016-2017

"cumtd" "mtd" "parkland college" "student union" "9 brown" "hybrid bus"

None of the University of Illinois Service Reductions impact the service Parkland College receives. The 5 GREENhopper, 7 Grey, 9A/9B Brown, 16 Pink, 50 Green, and 180 Lime will continue to operate regular schedules.

Happy Finals Week to the University of Illinois and Parkland College! Beginning this Saturday, December 17, MTD will reduce some of our services for the University’s Winter Break. These reductions will last through Saturday, January 14, 2017. The reductions will begin to lift at the start of service on Sunday, January 15 and the remainder will come off on Monday, January 16. MTD will operate full and regular service on that Monday, which is also Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Moving to Limited

The Teal, Silver, and Illini will operate their limited alter-egos throughout the four-week break. The 12 Teal during the weekday daytime will not operate trips with a “U” footnote. This reduces the route’s frequency to every 20 minutes.

The 13 Silver weekday daytime follows the same reduction formula. The 130 Silver, which operates in the evening and on the weekends, runs a shortened route. Please take time to view a map of the Silver Limited before riding. Like the Teal, the Silver will operate with 20 minute frequency until January 15, 2017. 10 minute service will resume on Monday, January 16.

The 22/220 Illini Limited has different routing and the frequency moves from every 10 minutes to every 30. The Illini Limited runs through all daytypes. It is crucial that the routing is checked before riding. The full Illini route and frequency will resume at 6:30 pm on January 15, 2017.

"springfield avenue" "goodwin avenue" "60-foot articulated bus" "22 Illini" "Lincoln & Killarney"

One of the UI Break reductions affects the 22/220 Illini. The Illini Limited operates throughout the break with 30 minute frequency and an abbreviated routing.

Not in Service

The 2 Red Express is not in service during UI Breaks. The 2 Red Express is designated in the 2 Red timetable by the footnotes “L” and “U.” Both footnotes detail that these trips only operate during the University’s Fall and Spring Semesters. There are four of these trips during the weekday daytime. Each begins at Lincoln & Nevada, serves Market Place Mall, stops at Ashland Park, and then returns to campus to do it all over again. The 2 Red Express will resume service on January 16, 2017.

There will be no late night service (after midnight) on the 50 Green, 100 Yellow, 120 Teal, 130 Silver, and 220 Illini for the entire break. Late night service will return, although it will technically be in the wee morning hours of January 16 (since it is after midnight), on Sunday, January 15, 2017.

335 SafeRides

335 SafeRides will operate during the University of Illinois Winter Break but it will be reduced. It will operate Monday through Saturday until 12:30 am. Trip requests will be taken until midnight. There will be no 335 SafeRides on the Sundays of the break because MTD does not operate any evening service when the University is not in session. This will include Sunday, December 18 and, of course, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day (when MTD is closed), and finally Sunday, January 8, 2017. Sunday Evening and Late Night Service will resume on Sunday, January 15 and that includes full 335 SafeRides.

The SafeRides’ designated pick up locations will not be served during the reduced service period. Those locations are the Illini Union, Illinois Street Residence (ISR) Hall, and Main Library (Armory & Wright).

"no mtd service" "christmas" "new years"

Our no service reminder that is posted behind the driver on all of our buses.

We Celebrate the Holidays Too

There will be no MTD service in the evening on Christmas Eve (Saturday, December 24) or New Year’s Eve (Saturday, December 31). Saturday Daytime service will operate, but any times under the title “evening” will not operate. There is no MTD service all day on Christmas (Sunday, December 25) and New Year’s Day (Sunday, January 1, 2017).

Thank you for making accommodations and thank you for riding and supporting public transportation. We are so grateful to this community. In case you missed it, please read our gratitude post from Thanksgiving.

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Green Light: Sustainable Holiday Tips

MTD’s Employee Sustainability Committee aims to encourage all employees to be environmentally responsible both on and off the clock. This year, committee members put their heads together to make a list of favorite sustainable strategies for the holiday season. We gathered up these tips to display for all employees, and thought the you might appreciate the information as well. The more (green) the merrier!

"leftovers" "waste" "shop local" "wrapping" "electronics"

Take a tip from MTD’s employee sustainability committee!

MTD’s Employee Sustainability Committee wishes you a safe, happy, and sustainable holiday season. Do you have any sustainable holiday tips to add to our list?

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Volunteer Snow Removal Program

"give back" "boy and girl" "snow suit" "snow" "shovel"

The Champaign-Urbana Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Project is starting a volunteer snow removal program in Urbana!

This is a guest blog post written by Sarah Buchhorn, the Champaign-Urbana Safe Routes to School Project Intern.

This winter, the C-U Safe Routes to School Project is launching a volunteer snow removal program with the support of MTD and the Urbana School District. When snow remains on sidewalks and builds up to block sidewalks, ramps, and intersections, the daily journeys of students and other community members become more dangerous as they must move into the street to find a clear path. This includes our riders.

"downtown Urbana" "snow" "sidewalk" "Urbana Free Library" "Lincoln Square Mall"

The accumulation of snow at Race & Green in Urbana inhibits individuals travelling by foot, bike, or bus to access shopping, the Urbana Free Library, and so on.

Whether walking or using a wheelchair to their final destination or a bus stop, residents of Urbana need access to safe routes, and we are calling on community members to help each other out! A map of priority sidewalks for snow removal was created using Safe Routes to School routes, high ridership bus routes/bus stops, and data collected during a recent sidewalk survey and plan done by the Regional Planning Commission. Volunteers can choose a block or more of these priority sidewalks online, and commit to clearing the section within 48 hours after a snowfall greater than 2”. Volunteers can sign up as individuals or sign up with a group, and each month a volunteer will be recognized as the “Snow Angel of the Month.”

"urbana" "school district 116" "vine" "california" "snow" "sidewalk"

This is the sidewalk students going to Urbana Middle School used one winter’s day along Vine Street.

Imagine how students and other community members will feel when they find their normally blocked route cleared just for them. We hope you will take a look at the map and see if there is a section you can help with.  Just visit cu-srtsproject.com/snow-removal to get started.

"snow" "sidewalk" "urbana" "thomas paine" "crosswalk"

The crosswalk at Florida & James Cherry, across from Thomas Paine Elementary, leads to a virtually nonexistent sidewalk.

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What MTD is Thankful for in 2016

Thanksgiving is this Thursday and MTD is observing our Fall Break Service Reductions. As you gather around a turkey, ham, tofurkey, whatever you and yours prefer, you may be answering the question, “What are you thankful for?”

In my experience, this formal holiday setting prompts many to start with the basics. At MTD, we are first and foremost thankful for our customers. The tens of thousands of people who get on our buses and vans daily, trust us to provide their transportation to work, doctor appointments, and beyond, are why MTD employees do what they do.

We are thankful to the Champaign-Urbana community for letting us serve you since 1971. MTD’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values go beyond traditional boundaries so we may lead the way to greater mobility.

Also in my experience, a general answer is often prodded for greater detail. So here are even more reasons MTD has to be thankful in 2016.

"MTD" "bus shelter" "adopt a bus shelter" "broom" "dust pan"

A local Daisy Troop adopted the bus shelter at Sixth & White.

Adopt a Shelter Program

This year, MTD launched a new program called Adopt a Shelter. This program offers individuals, businesses, organizations, and community groups the opportunity to give back and help MTD keep an eye on our well-used shelters. Since our April launch, five shelters were adopted!

Construction and Infrastructure Projects

Our Maintenance Facility Expansion is entering the final phases. The extra storage is already being filled with buses each night and the upstairs office space is carpeted and furnished. The west side driveway is being poured and the phone system is getting expanded. MTD is thankful for the ability to store all vehicles indoors 24/7/365. This is healthier for our fleet and it is also makes Operator pull out faster. No need to scrape windows or run the buses for extra minutes to restore proper air pressure.

MTD’s CDL Training Center is designed and we are accepting bids. MTD began leasing the land at 1207 East University Avenue in Urbana back in April 2016. Architects and engineers are designing what will, essentially, be a big lot for big vehicles. We’re thankful for the distraction-free space, the opportunity to share it with community partners, and continuing improving our advanced training program. Current plans project construction will begin in the spring of 2017.

"champaign-urbana" "mass transit district" "goods" "services"

MTD’s spent 49% on goods and services in the C-U MSA. 27% was spent in Illinois. And 24% was spent outside the state.

Economic Impact Analysis

MTD published the results of an independent economic impact analysis conducted by TischlerBise. The analysis studied the Champaign-Urbana Metropolitan Statistical Area and the resulting MTD impact on jobs, goods and services, and our local school districts. MTD is thankful for the opportunity to maximize State and Federal tax dollars for a local benefit.

Environmental Gains

MTD continues to maintain compliance with the ISO 14001 Standard for our Environmental Management System. We continue to review our environmental impact, seek out measures to improve, and track and report that progress to our senior leadership. We are thankful for the ongoing opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint and reduce pollution.

"buses" "MTD" "CUMTD" "kiosk" "green street" "engineering" "university of illinois"

In rain or shine, come fall or spring, MTD’s fleet will be there to deliver the services you need.

Expanded Fleet

MTD was thankful to receive 12 new buses this summer. Three of the buses retired members of our 40-foot 2003 fleet. The remaining nine buses were used towards fleet expansion. This brought our bus fleet to 111. And these buses even featured parts produced in Champaign County!

We’re also thankful that 18 new 40-foot diesel electric hybrid buses are in production for an estimated delivery of early summer 2017! These new buses will retire 40-foot buses from 2003.

Phone System Upgrade

MTD is going strong with our new phone system called ACD (Automatic Call Distribution). Our employees have adapted, we’re using the new tech tools that came along with it, and we’re looking forward to expanding the hours. The customer benefits include shorter wait times, call data for post-incident investigation, and greater awareness of our customer’s call-in experience. MTD is thankful that the tech glitches are behind us and our phone system has entered the 21st century!

Our Outstanding Employees

Every year, MTD acknowledges a year of labor and the employees who went above and beyond the call of duty. At the 38th Annual Awards Banquet, 22 people were recognized for 20 plus years of service. These 22 employees accumulated 555 years of service to the District.

The outstanding work of our Bus Operators, Illinois Terminal employees, and Maintenance team is work worth complimenting! Between January 1 and October 31, 2016, passengers and community members have submitted 80 formal compliments. Thank you!

In turn, MTD employees give back to our community, again and again, through the United Way’s Champaign County Combined Charities Campaign. The 2016 campaign is wrapping up and so far employees have donated just over $32,000 to local, state, national, and international charities!

We would be so thankful if you joined our team! MTD is accepting applications for Bus Operators and has openings in two other areas. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and please remember, MTD will not be operating on Thursday, November 24.

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Fall Break Service Reductions 2016

"no service" "Thanksgiving"

This art will be posted inside all MTD buses behind the driver’s seat. “There will be no MTD service on Thanksgiving.”

We suggest marking your calendars for three noteworthy November events. The first is the Fall Break Service Reductions. This is the first University of Illinois Break for the 2016-2017 academic year, so this may be new for some readers and riders. The good news is the reductions detailed below will stay the same for the University’s Winter, Spring, and Summer Breaks. These reductions begin at the start of Saturday, November 19 service and lift at the start of Sunday, November 27 service.

Fall Break Service Reductions

2 Red: The Express trips marked with “L” and “U” footnotes will not operate Monday through Friday during Fall Break. These trips will resume operation on Monday, November 28.

12 Teal: Trips marked with the “U” footnote do not operate Monday through Friday. This reduces the Teal’s frequency to every 20 minutes. The routing remains the same.

13 Silver: Trips marked with the “U” footnote do not operate Monday through Friday. This reduces the Silver’s frequency to every 20 minutes. The routing remains the same.

22/220 Illini Limited: This abbreviated route will operate all eight days of the UI Fall Break Reductions. The frequency is every 30 minutes.

50 Green, 100 Yellow, 120 Teal, 130 Silver, and 220 Illini: During the UI Fall and Spring Semesters, these five routes offer late night trips after midnight. These routes will not operate these trips during the Fall Break.

130 Silver Limited: This shortened route will operate evenings and weekends during the Fall Break. The frequency is the same as the regular 130 Silver – every 20 minutes.

335 SafeRides: The after-dark van service continues operation through the Fall Break, but is reduced. SafeRides is available from 5:00 pm until 12:30 am. Designated pick up locations are not served. There is no SafeRides at all on Sunday, November 20.

Sunday Evening & Late Night: Year-round, MTD’s Sunday service groups evening and late night timetables. During UI Breaks, MTD does not operate Sunday evening and late night service scheduled on the 50 Green, 100 Yellow, 120 Teal, 130 Silver, or 22 Illini. For the Fall Break, this affects Sunday, November 20. Sunday daytime service will still operate.

No Service on Thanksgiving Day

The second event of note is the Thanksgiving Holiday. MTD does not operate all day on Thursday, November 24 so that our employees can spend time with their families. Thanks for making adjustments and we’ll see you out there for Black Friday shopping!

"champaign" "parade of lights" "november 26 2016" "fireplace" "stockings" "lights" "christmas tree"

A teaser shot of MTD’s float for the 2016 Parade of Lights!

Parade of Lights

The final event is the Champaign Center Partnership’s Parade of Lights! This annual parade caps off a day of Shop Local events and family-friendly activities. MTD’s float is all about this year’s theme, Fairytales and Holiday Stories, and has a beloved story to bring to life.

The parade walks off at 6:00 pm and will result in reroutes for MTD’s service in downtown Champaign. Subscribe to MyRIDE or watch MTD’s social media for updates. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Green Light: Cleaning Up for a Cause

To fulfil our commitment to the Adopt Urbana Program, MTD conducted our third and final cleanup of 2016 of Main Street between Vine and Glover. You’ve heard about our clean ups before, but this one was extra special.

"cumtd" "mtd" "safety vest" "city of urbana" "clean up"

15 MTD employees came out to clean up Main Street and raise money for the Champaign County Forest Preserve Friends Foundation!

Donations to Champaign County Forest Preserve Friends Foundation

Each year MTD participates in the Combined Charities Campaign organized by the United Way of Champaign County. In honor of the campaign and to reward participation in the clean up, MTD’s Managing Director Karl Gnadt offered a donation for each employee participating in the November clean up.

Gnadt’s donations for participation were given to the Forest Preserve Friends Foundation of Champaign County. The Forest Preserve Friends Foundation helps protect and improve Champaign County’s natural and historic resources by supporting conservation, education, and outdoor recreation experiences for everyone. Gifts to the Forest Preserve Friends Foundation support historical and environmental education, land acquisition, construction of the Kickapoo Rail Trail, and improvements to the Forest Preserve District’s Botanical Garden, Museum, and Interpretive Center.

The clean up took place on the day after Halloween, so we had a big job ahead of us. Think candy wrappers, plastic bags, and soda cans. We raised $75 and our street is lookin’ good!

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