February 14, 2016
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MTD Invests in Training

"MTD" "CUMTD" "maintenance" "training" "urbana"

This is the east lot of MTD’s Maintenance Facility. The space is shared with maintenance work bays, bus storage, and two fuel lines.

Let’s pretend you are a member of our Safety & Training Department. You’ve hired a class of new bus operators. They’ve completed their classroom and bus simulator training and are ready to get in a bus.

The training hours are 6:30 am until 3:30 pm. The east side of MTD’s Maintenance Facility, located at 803 East University Avenue in Urbana (pictured), is the lot you use to train employees on basic maneuvers as well as the advanced maneuvers for their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) examination.

You may think that the east side lot is only used for your department’s needs. But it is not. The entrance for six servicing bays, plus the wash bay, is through your training lot. The north side of the lot is bus storage where six rows of vehicles exit. The center of your training lot is occupied by two fueling stations.

You may think that you’ll have that space to train these new employees for all eight of those hours. Unfortunately, you would be wrong again. Morning pull out involves over 75 buses leaving the Maintenance Facility between 5:30 and 7:22 am. Operators are walking across the lot continuously as they locate their assigned bus and do their pre-trip inspections. Maintenance employees are also busily providing any needed service to the soon-to-depart vehicles.

“So basically, we can’t use the east side for training before 7:22 am,” said Annette Goodrich, Assistant Safety & Training Director of Compliance.

That’s not that bad, you think. We’ll just get started at 7:30 am. Pump the brakes, rookie.

“At 8:45 am the buses that operated morning school transportation are coming back to base, so you’ve got to stay out of their way, too,” adds Goodrich. “Then there’s the afternoon pull out that starts at 1:50 pm.”

The afternoon pull out lasts for about an hour and involves buses leaving to execute afternoon school transportation. And then, before you know it, the day is over. You may be thinking, then let’s shift the training hours to a little later in the day.

I like your thinking, but no. Training buses are often recalled to base around 2:30 pm to fill school trip assignments and starting at 4:15 pm, buses operating fixed-route weekday daytime service begin returning to base to be fueled and cleaned. As weekday service wraps up, approximately 65 buses pull in between 4:15 and 8:00 pm. These buses need to be taken care of so they can be turned around for evening and late-night service.

Other Limitations

Do you feel a bit frustrated? Limited in the training you can provide? Welcome to the Safety & Training Department. As you likely concluded, their maneuver training is constantly interrupted throughout the day. The Department has to limit their class sizes as a result of the current training lot to save resources. The fewer the trainees the more opportunities the individual has to practice. The trade-off, of course, is fewer graduated operators.

“After completing classroom training, our trainees spend two days on the lot only,” said Adam Shanks, Safety & Training Director. “Then we begin to phase in road training time. During the remaining two weeks of road training, a trainee is spending about half their time on the road and half their time on the lot. It is a state requirement that the trainee have at least 12 days of CDL training prior to testing for their CDL license.”

"commercial driver's license" "state of illinois" "maneuver" "parallel park"

This parallel park maneuver diagram from the State of Illinois illustrates the amount of space needed to execute these CDL maneuvers. Step one is the start position, the operator pulls up to position two and then pulls backward into position three. We’ll let you do the math in between.

Our Training Team also has to constantly reset cones and exercises due to the shared needs of the lot and the lack of space. The maneuvers for the CDL examination include straight line backing, parallel parking, off-set backing, and 100-foot backing. These all take a considerable amount of space for a 40-foot vehicle to get in position and execute the maneuver.

“Currently we train and certify around 40 bus operators and maintenance employees a year,” Shanks said. “And we also put our resources towards training operators for our ADA Paratransit and rural transit services.”

Enter the CDL Training Center

MTD is starting a new lease on nearby land to move the Safety & Training Department’s work off our Maintenance Facility’s east lot. Mid-Illinois Development, LLC, a construction contractor, will begin leasing its property at 1207 East University Avenue in Urbana, just down the block, to MTD on April 1, 2016.

The CDL Training Center, as it will be called, will not be open for training for at least a year. Engineers will be brought in to design improvements for the space and contractors will be welcomed to bid on the resulting work. Currently, the 2.9 acres are mostly dirt and gravel. There is also a small office building, which will remain, and a fabrication shed, which will be demolished.

“The maneuvers we do are repetitive, we run them over and over, and they’re executed with some pretty heavy vehicles,” Shanks said. “We need concrete with a thickness of about 10 inches to stand up to this heavy use and adequately support our training needs.”

MTD may also have opportunities for revenue generation. Local entities like the Champaign and Urbana Fire Departments and Parkland College’s truck driver training program could also schedule time at the CDL Training Center.

Members of the Safety & Training Department are thrilled to see work begin on the CDL Training Center. The Department can look forward to many things increasing increased training class sizes.

“With the increased space and efficiency of the lot, we’ll also be able to schedule operator retraining more often,” said Shanks. “Not to mention all of this future training will take place in a safer environment with fewer distractions.”

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Green Light: 2015 Annual Environmental Report

Last year MTD Staff made a commitment to compile the year’s environmental highlights into one report that is shared with the public and presented to MTD’s Board of Trustees.

The 2015 Annual Environmental Report was presented at MTD’s Board of Trustees meeting in January. The full report can be viewed here and we’ve shared a few of the highlights below.

"coach batteries" "freon" "nonburnable oil" "esms" "reduce" "recycle"

Page six of the Annual Environmental Report provides an update on the ESMS’s recent objectives, targets, and programs.

Page six of the report checks in on MTD’s environmental goals related to increasing the lifespan of coach batteries, reducing consumption or Freon, and reducing consumption of non-burnable oil.

"energy" "consumption" "mtd" "facility" "solar" "renewable"

Page 11 displays the significant reduction in energy consumption at MTD’s Maintenance Facility thanks to a full year with our solar array.

Pages 10, 11, and 12 took a look at the electricity consumption in all three of MTD’s Facilities in 2015, as it compares to the previous two years. Overall, electricity consumption at Illinois Terminal and MTD’s Administration & Operations Facility stayed relatively stable in 2015 compared to the previous year. Electricity consumption in MTD’s Maintenance Facility was reduced by 26% in 2015 thanks to the hard work of our solar array.

The report also provides an update on the District’s ISO 14001:2004 Certified Environmental and Sustainability Management System (ESMS).

Take a look at the report and please share your questions. Have any ideas for MTD’s environmental team to focus on this year? Let us know!

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Ride the 21 Raven

This blog post was written by Samantha Kammerer, MTD’s Marketing and Communications Intern. She is a junior at the University of Illinois in the College of Business.

"21 Raven" "Quad" "route" "map" "campus" "MTD" "CUMTD"

The 21 Raven offers a slick alternative for University of Illinois campus riders.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The sound of your alarm wakes you up at 7:20 am on a brisk January morning. Your break was filled with staying up late, sleeping in until the afternoon, and watching Netflix. Even after syllabus week, you are still not prepared to get back into the swing of things.

You quickly realize you have a class at 8:00 am with a professor that is notorious for not accepting late students. Getting on their bad side the second week of school is not happening. You live at PAR and there is a chance you won’t make it on to one of the crowded buses. And you definitely won’t make it if you walk. How will you make it to class on time?

You quick hop on your computer and go to cumtd.com to use the Trip Planner. You see there is an option to take the 21 Raven from the north side of PAR, on Pennsylvania Avenue, right to where your class is. The bus is leaving at 7:34 and you should get there with a few minutes to spare. You rush to get ready and make it to the bus stop just in time.

You see only a handful of students on this bus and wonder why you haven’t ever taken this route before. It stops at all of the places you go – BIF, the Main Library, Transit Plaza, the Union, Krannert, and PAR. You think to yourself, “What’s my new go-to route from now on?” The Raven!

"mtd" "cumtd" "raven" "bird" "rouet"

Ride the 21 Raven! It’s not dreary, but we welcome the weak and weary.


Don’t get in a fret before class. Take a look at the 21 Raven route and see how it can serve as a resourceful alternative. It comes every 30 minutes on the weekdays from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. It circulates around the Quad and also serves the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine (a.k.a. Vet-Med).

For example, the 21 Raven will be at the Illini Union every hour at :12 and :42. A perfect time to head home after getting out of class! Every bus stop along the route is an iStop, excluding Vet-Med, making it easier to quickly board and go.

The Raven also operates in one big clockwise circle, so there is no need to concern yourself with east versus west and north versus south. If you want to beat the crowds on the 22 Illini, 12 Teal, and 13 Silver, the Raven is something to take advantage of!

Also, a little birdy told me that there will be some surprises coming soon on the Raven. Keep your eyes open.

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MTD’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values

This week’s blog post was written by MTD’s Marketing Manager, Jan Kijowski.

"MTD" "cumtd" "bus storage" "public transportation"

Let’s put the brakes on and reflect on why we’re really here. MTD’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values are a great place to start.

Every entity, public or private, for-profit or not-for-profit, has one. Businesses, corporations, organizations, and government entities are lead by them. So let’s take time while the new year is still fresh, to reflect on MTD’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

We all know that MTD’s business is providing great public transportation service. MTD takes pride in the distinction with which we serve our customers and communities. MTD believes it’s important from time to time to take a moment as a company, an organization, to consider in a broader sense what we do, who we are, and where we want to go. An internal campaign, in fact, will be hitting all three facilities next month.

We’re challenging employees to take some time in February to (re)introduce themselves to MTD’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values. We want employees, and by relation the community, to know what they are, what they mean, and why they’re important.

In 2014, a comprehensive and detailed Strategic Planning process was undertaken. The resulting plan helped clarify the direction in which the District wants to go. The process included development of a Mission statement, Vision statement, and Core Values, which MTD also developed during the 2000 Strategic Planning process. (View the the documents from both Strategic Planning Processes under the heading “Planning Documents.”) Considerable time and effort were put into reexamining the principles as first defined in 2000. In the end, we decided to stick with the original ones since they clearly and succinctly articulate what we do, who we are, and where we want go.

MTD’s Mission Statement

Leading the way to greater mobility.

A mission statement describes what business the organization is in both now and projecting into the future. This provides focus. You’ll notice that this very simple statement really says a lot. MTD will lead the way, not passively follow. We recognize and embrace the never ending need for improved, or greater, mobility. We deliberately use the word ‘mobility’ for its more profound meaning than simply transportation: mobility evokes ideas of movement, motion, evolution.

Furthermore, we recognize and appreciate all forms of conveyance. MTD’s service is a critical part of a complex and interrelated mobility system of which bus transportation is just a part. As such, we are eager community partners on projects and can share our expertise and resources. We are an important part of the whole.

MTD’s Vision Statement

MTD goes beyond traditional boundaries to promote excellence in transportation.

A vision statement is what the organization wishes to be like in some years’ time. It’s an effort to take us beyond the day-to-day in a clear and memorable way. You can interpret the phrase “traditional boundaries” both literally and figuratively here. We do not wish to be strictly constrained by geographical boundaries for our activities. Nor do we wish to be pigeonholed as a bus company. We are far more than that in terms of the role that we play in our communities.

"alice campbell" "university of illinois" "multimodal corridor enhancement project" "mcore" "open house"

Community efforts like the Multimodal Corridor Enhancement Project (MCORE) are a perfect example of MTD’s commitment to enhancing mobility.

MTD will fervently and actively advocate (promote) for community mobility efforts and will both lead and partner to achieve the best possible outcomes. You’ll notice here again that a broad word, transportation, is used (like mobility above) because we are part of a system and a network of options upon which we depend and which we support. And, of course, excellence is what we expect; we will accept nothing less.

MTD’s Core Values

Commit to ‘Yes’
Provide outstanding customer/public service
Develop long-term positive relationships
Embrace opportunity and innovation

Core Values help describe the culture of the organization, those at the heart of the company. These are fairly self-explanatory but let’s focus on the first one, Commit to ‘Yes.’

Constraints can make things difficult to do. Constraints can include time, money, energy, or other resources. Saying ‘no’ to opportunities can result if our organization and employees only think about the constraints. MTD challenges our employees to step back and consider the ‘yes’ in all matters.

What are the benefits of succeeding in this task? How can this important thing be accomplished even though there are constraints? What are some creative ways we can tackle this problem to find a way to say ‘yes’ in this circumstance? Answering these questions helps us to see the value in the ‘yes’ and bolster our willingness to find it.

Whether you ride MTD, know someone who rides, used to ride, or never ride, we hope all your interactions with MTD employees and services reflect the District’s commitment to our Mission, Vision, and Core Values. As always, we want to know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Progress Continues on Quality Management System

You’ve probably (hopefully) heard MTD cite our commitment to continuous improvement. This sentiment is shared on our website, Maps & Schedules Book, and in our public communications. You’ve also likely heard other public organizations and private businesses cite a similar commitment. It’s a virtuous claim that is easy to profess but difficult to prove.

Enter a Quality Management System (QMS)

We introduced the District’s efforts to develop a Quality Management System in compliance with the ISO 9001 Standard in this June 2015 post. Read it to learn what “ISO” is and what a QMS means for MTD, our passengers, and our community. The post also covered recent projects.

In that post, we introduced the four aspects that are currently being targeted for measurable improvement. Six months later, we return to MTD’s QMS with updates on our progress.

"lincoln square" "7 grey" "hybrid" "urbana" "mtd" "cumtd"

Several steps are taken before a customer boards a bus. MTD is committed to improving the experience before, during, and after.

Customer Service

Work continues on improving the entry level phone call experience. Why phone calls? In MTD’s 2014 Annual Passholder survey, 21% of respondents said their primary tool to get information about MTD routes, schedules, and services was by a phone call to MTD. So even with our robust website and suite of mobile apps, MTD’s customer service line is still very much lit up!

The Customer Service Aspect Team is improving our processing and return procedure for items lost on MTD buses. We began this effort in January 2015 by reviewing procedures at all three facilities, executing retraining, and increasing documentation. From January to June 2015, we saw a 25% increase in successful customer return. In the second half of 2015, we saw an additional 11% increase.

What should you do if you leave an item on board? Start with this post.

The Customer Service Team is also working to improve the feedback process fpr compliments, complaints, service requests, technology issues, etc submitted by phone. The Team is currently working on formalizing procedures, definitions, and staff retraining.

Employee Training

As with any large organization, there are multiple departments bringing in new talent year-round. The Employee Training Aspect Team wanted to ensure each new employee received the same experience. So they developed a process and schedule for employee orientation. The process will also increase efficiency in our Safety & Training and Accounting Departments because the terms and conditions for bringing on new hires was more rigidly defined.

The Employee Training Team is also working on recurring review training for employees who have their Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDLs) but are not bus operators and therefore do not operate buses regularly. This includes MTD Staff, Street Supervisors, and Maintenance employees.


The Safety Aspect Team proudly launched their upgraded, and much improved, internal accident and incident reporting system in November 2015. The form is easily completed at a desktop or on a mobile device. It also presents follow up questions as they relate to the previous information entered. This helps to improve the user (employee) experience as well as improve the resulting data.

The Safety Team is turning their future efforts towards the development of a “close call” reporting system. The purpose is to provide a means for employees to anonymously report at-risk behaviors they witness. Collecting this data enables MTD to target and prevent future incidents and accidents.

"bus stop" "designated" "passenger" "bus" "hybrid" "fall"

Designated stops, like Springfield & Busey, provide many benefits to both passengers and operators.

Schedule Adherence

MTD has designated stops in Campustown and in both downtown Champaign and Urbana. Designated stops have many benefits including increased safety, service consistency, targeted stop improvements, improved scheduled adherence, and less wear and tear on vehicles.

The Schedule Adherence Aspect Team is developing standards for initiating designated stops system-wide. They are consulting vast amounts of ridership data, population and housing densities, sidewalk data, tax parcel data, and reports from peer public transportation agencies, as well as national industry standards from resources like the Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP).

The research will culminate in a set of guidelines for stop placement that will be distributed to the public and MTD’s Board of Trustees for comment and approval. This is an exciting and complex project that will usher in a modern era for MTD and our community.

What Do You Think?

Tell us your thoughts on the above initiatives in the comments. We would also appreciate hearing your ideas for future improvement projects.

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Green Light: Sustainable Accomplishments in 2015

Happy New Year! As we bid farewell to 2015, we’d like to share with you a snapshot of the year’s sustainable accomplishments. Check out the timeline below for a visual aid then read on for details on MTD’s environmental successes in 2015.

"mtd" "cumtd" "environmental" "green purpose" "light the night" "iso 14001"

This is a timeline of MTD’s environmental efforts and accomplishments from 2015.

April 2015

MTD participated in the Race for Zero Waste competition, which concluded on Earth Day. Hard work and the strong commitment of MTD employees won us the Employee Participation Seal of Excellence.

MTD adopted a District-wide Environmental Policy in 2011 which is reviewed and re-approved every two years. Minor changes to the policy were made by the Environmental and Sustainability Management System (ESMS) Team and the updated policy was approved by Managing Director and Board of Trustees.

May 2015

Each year MTD provides funding and resources to help celebrate Bike Month in Champaign-Urbana. The events in May 2015 focused on raising funds for the Kickapoo Rail Trail, a 24.5 mile multi-use recreational trail planned to run from Urbana to Danville.

MTD’s solar array worked especially hard this month. Solar panels on the roof of the Maintenance Facility produced 37,160 kilowatt hours (kWh) of solar energy during the month of May.

June 2015

MTD adopted Main Street in Urbana between Vine Street and Glover Avenue through the Adopt Urbana cleanup program. During the previous four years, MTD had been responsible for Windsor Road between Philo Road and Race Street through the same program.

MTD’s Administration and Operations facility participated in the Illinois Green Office Challenge hosted by the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center. Winners were announced in June and MTD achieved 2nd place!

July 2015

This year’s ISO 14001:2004 certification audit included both the Maintenance Facility and Illinois Terminal. Both facilities are now certified to the international standard.

September 2015

For the eighth year in a row, MTD teamed up with other local agencies for the Light the Night bike light distribution event. Volunteers distributed 900 free bike light sets and MTD employees offered bike rack demonstrations on an MTD bus.

We look forward to another sustainable year ahead! Do you have a suggestion for a new project? Let us know in the comments.

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Resolve to Use Public Transportation, See Results

There will be no evening service this Thursday, December 31. MTD will operate weekday daytime service only on New Year’s Eve. There will be no service all day on Friday, January 1, New Year’s Day.

It’s the last week of 2015! As we smile on another year of holiday memories, many are resolving to go the distance with new goals for 2016. According to a Washing Post article published in January 2015, “The top resolutions were weight loss (21%), improving finances (14%), exercising (14%) and getting a new job (10%).”

We’re going to toot our own horns because we got you covered!

"mtd" "cumtd" "22 illini" "articulated bus" "illinois street"

Public transportation riders have built in activity as they travel to and from their bus stops.

Weight Loss and Exercise

The Centers for Disease Control recommend 22 minutes of daily moderate physical activity, such as walking, to reduce risk of heart disease, obesity, stroke, and diabetes. But the average time most Americans spend walking each day is six minutes. The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) reports that the median time public transit users spend walking each day is 19 minutes.

It makes sense. MTD strives to design a system that fits the needs of every rider in our District. We’d love it if every trip our riders planned provided door to door service with perfectly timed arrivals. But such outcomes are not always possible. We design our routes to serve arterial streets, dense housing areas, and job centers. But ultimately, it’s likely you will have to walk a little bit before and after your transit trip. Ergo, built in steps!

Champaign, Urbana, and the University of Illinois are also committing to bicycle-friendly infrastructure. Bicycling to work, school, or for recreation is an increasingly popular way to stay active. For those days you missed the weather report, decided to run an errand, or simply want to split the trip, MTD has got you covered. Every MTD bus and van is equipped with a bike rack. There are two spots on each rack and they couldn’t be easier to use.

Improving Finances

Transportation costs are an essential category in any budget. Owning and maintaining a car is beaucoup bucks. According to the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) December Transit Savings Report, “The annual savings is $9,247 for a person who switches their daily commute by car to taking public transportation…Individuals who ride public transportation instead of driving can save, on average, more than $771 per month.”

Last year we interviewed MTD passenger, Clair Sullivan, and her family’s choice to go from being a two car household to one car.

“We’re a single income family, so going down to one car also means not throwing money in a hole for registration, insurance, and maintenance.”

And riding the bus is pretty darn affordable. An Annual Pass is only $84 and Monthly Passes are $20. Both are available for purchase at Illinois Terminal starting the last week (seven days, including Saturday and Sunday) of each month. We also have All Day Passes available on Saturday or Sunday. You can purchase an All Day Pass from a bus operator for $2.

"mtd" "cumtd" "call center" "route and schedule" "phone"

MTD is hiring for several positions including Information Assistants for our Customer Service Center.

Get a New Job

MTD is hiring! Current openings include Bus Operator, Maintenance Technician, Information Assistant, Rural Services Operator, and Specialized Services Operator.

Download our application, fill it out, attach optional supplementary documents like a resume or certificate, and then mail or deliver it to our Administration & Operations Facility at 1101 East University Avenue in Urbana.

Good luck with these and any other resolutions you pledge to take on in 2016. Happy New Year, MTD-ers!

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MTD Staff Picks

Many of you, our dear readers, riders, and community members, are currently on break from school or work, or at the least, looking forward to a shortened week. Our service is also having a shortened week. There will be no evening service on Christmas Eve, Thursday, December 24. There will also be no service all day on Christmas, Friday, December 25. And due to the mass University of Illinois exodus, MTD began winter break service reductions last Saturday, December 19.

So in honor of the holidays and time away from our usual responsibilities, this week’s post features our favorite places in town to spend time with those we care about. Here are the local attractions MTD staff enjoys when they’re spending time with friends and family.

"market place" "mall" "bus" "yellow" "red" "hyrbid"

Market Place Mall is served seven days a week by the 2/20 Red and 1/100 Yellow.

Adam, Safety & Training Director

“My kids love taking the bus to the mall. I have to admit, they still call it ‘Daddy’s Bus’ and it never gets old. My kids are eight, four, and one years old.”

You can take the 1/100 Yellow or the 2/20 Red to Market Place Mall.

Amy, Customer Service Manager

“Brunch is my favorite meal and my most frequented destination is the Original Pancake House across from Country Fair. There are so many routes that go there, over a dozen across the daytypes. Make sure to try the Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin Pancakes. They’re my favorite!”

Brad, Technology Supervisor

“We love going to eat at El Toro Bravo Mexican Restaurant out on west Springfield in Champaign.”

You can take the 6 Orange, 9A/9B Brown during the weekday daytime, or the 50 Green and 180 Lime on the evenings and weekends.

Bryan, Chief Operations Officer

“AMBUCS Park on east University Avenue is a popular destination for my family. My kids, 12, four, and three years old, love the playground there.”

You can take the 6 Orange and ORANGEhopper during the weekday daytime and switch to the 110 Ruby on the evenings and weekends.

"lincoln square" "downtown" "urbana" "transfer" "bus stop" "orange" "hybrid"

Lincoln Square has three bus stops – the Courthouse, Parking Garage East, and Parking Garage South. Lincoln Square is a busy transfer location at all times of the day!

Jan, Marketing Manager

“The Urbana Business Association takes over the local market scene over the holidays and into the winter with the Holiday Market and then the Middle Market. I love walking through Lincoln Square and looking at all the local goods.”

On Saturdays, ride the 50 Green, 70 Grey, 110 Ruby, or 130 Silver.

Jane, Grant Manager/Sustainability Planner

“Lincoln Square Mall has two of my favorite places – Amara Yoga & Arts Studio and the Common Ground Food Co-Op. There are so many buses that serve the area!”

You can view all the routes that go to Lincoln Square by daytype. There are eight different routes during the weekday daytime alone!

Jay, Planner

“My girls, five-year old twins and a three-year old, love the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum. They always have something fun going on.”

You can take the 1/100 Yellow, 2/20 Red, 5/50 Green, and 7/70 Grey.

Randy, Assistant Operations Director

“My wife and I volunteer year-round at Parkland Point. We serve food and lead activities for the residents there. The holidays are, of course, a great time of need.”

During the weekday daytime, you can ride the 5 Green, 7 Grey, 9A/9B Brown, or 16 Pink. The 50 Green, 70 Grey, or 180 Lime can take you there on the evenings and weekends.

Ryan, Software Developer/Network Administrator

“I spend a lot of time at Soccer Planet in Urbana.”

You can take the 11 Ruby during the weekday and the 110 Ruby on the evenings and weekends.

Tracey, Operations Director

“The movies are my family’s thing. We love going down to the Savoy Theater and it’s easy to take the 1/100 Yellow to get there. I only wish it was so easy to get all five of us to agree on a movie…my kids are 16, 14, and 12 so you can only imagine.”

What are you favorite destinations? Recreation, dining, shopping? Let us know in the comments. And if you need help planning a trip, let our Trip Planner be your guide.

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Winter Break Service Reductions 2015-2016

This post is going to read similarly to the one on November 16 titled, “Fall Break Service Reductions 2015.” But don’t close that tab! There are several useful reminders below that are worth revisiting as this break encompasses multiple holidays.

"bus" "2 red" "22 illini" "mtd" "cumtd" "articulated" "hybrid

Read the destination sign! You’ll be seeing a lot of head signs with “Limited” and “Ltd.” to alert riders to the service reductions.

Moving to Limited

The 12/120 Teal, 13/130 Silver, and the 22/220 Illini will operate their limited alter-egos beginning Saturday, December 19. The 12 Teal Weekday Daytime trips marked with a “U” footnote do not operate. This reduces the frequency every 20 minutes.

The 13 Silver Weekday Daytime runs the same route, but the 130 Silver evening and weekend routing is different. Please take the time to view a map of the Silver Limited before riding. Like the Teal, the Silver will operate with 20 minute frequency until Saturday, January 16, 2016. Full service will resume on Sunday, January 17.

The 22/220 Illini Limited has different routing and the frequency moves from every 10 minutes to every 30. It is crucial that the routing is checked before riding. The Illini Limited will operate through all daytypes. The regular 22/220 Illini route will resume service at 6:30 pm on Sunday, January 17, 2016.

Not in Service

The 2 Red Express does not operate when the University is on break. The 2 Red Express is noted in the 2 Red timetable by the footnotes “L” and “U.” Both footnotes detail that these trips only operate during the UI fall and spring semesters. There are four of these trips during the weekday daytime. Each begins at Lincoln & Nevada, serves Market Place Mall, stops at Ashland Park, and then returns to campus to do it all over again. The 2 Red Express will resume service on Monday, January 18, 2016.

Other services supported by the University of Illinois that will not operate are late night trips after midnight on the 50 Green, 100 Yellow, 120 Teal, 130 Silver, and 220 Illini. The final night of these trips will be Friday, December 18 (technically early Saturday morning). Late night service will resume Sunday, January 17 (technically early Monday morning).

335 SafeRides and Sundays

"van" "armory" "wright" "saferides" "late" "night" "mtd" "cumtd"

This 335 SafeRides van is waiting at a designated pick-up location, Armory & Wright. These will not be served during the University of Illinois Winter Break. The only pick-ups SafeRides will make will be by reservation.

335 SafeRides will operate through winter break, but it’s reduced from the service we offer during the fall and spring semesters. Van service will be provided from 5:00 pm until 12:30 am and designated pick-up locations will not be served. The final night of regular SafeRides will be Friday, December 18. Beginning Saturday, December 19, 2015 through Saturday, January 16, 2016, reduced SafeRides will operate.

When the University is on break, there is no evening service on Sundays. This means no service after 5:00 pm and therefore no SafeRides. The affected Sundays are December 20, December 27, January 3, and January 10. Sunday evening, late night, and SafeRides service will resume Sunday, January 17.


There will be no MTD service in the evening on Christmas Eve (Thursday, December 24) or New Year’s Eve (Thursday, December 31). Daytime service will operate, but any times listed under the title “Evening” will not operate. There is no MTD service all day on Christmas (Friday, December 25) and New Year’s Day (Friday, January 1, 2016).

MTD will operate full, regular service on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is Monday, January 18.

MTD wishes you the happiest of holidays, however you choose to celebrate! Thank you for your continued support of public transportation. We look forward to providing you with another year of quality service.

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Green Light: Planning for a Green 2016

The time of reflection and resolutions has arrived. We can’t pass up a good opportunity to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and look ahead to the upcoming year. MTD strives for improvement in everything we do, including our environmental impact.

"champaign" "urbana" "university of illinois" "bike light" "set"

MTD partnered with the cities of Champaign and Urbana as well as the University of Illinois to give away 900 bike light sets.

Looking Back

2015’s environmental accomplishments leave us with plenty to be proud of. After a thorough audit in July, Illinois Terminal was certified to the ISO 14001:2004 Standard and the Maintenance Facility’s certification was approved once again.

The solar array on MTD’s Maintenance Facility produced 262,929 kilowatt hours of solar energy in 2015 thus far (we still have a few more weeks of potential sunshine left in 2015!). This prevented 181 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere and saved the District over $23,600 on our power bill.

MTD adopted a new street in June through the Adopt Urbana cleanup program and we also helped distribute 900 free bike light sets to bicyclists in need in September.

Planning Ahead

As always, we are proud of our achievements but have no plans of slowing down our green efforts. Here are a few sustainable happenings we are looking forward to in 2016…

Adding Hybrid Buses

Excitement about the upcoming purchase of 12 hybrid buses in 2016 is all over MTD. The three buses replacing 2003 vehicles will ease some maintenance burden since we’re replacing three of the 12-year old vehicles in our fleet. Expanding our fleet by nine additional buses will significantly help both Maintenance and Operations by increasing the fleet’s spare ratio. The new buses will help our sustainability goals as well. The percentage of hybrids in our fleet will rise from 54% to 60%, saving more fuel and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 2016 and beyond.

More Recycling

In 2016 we’ll pay even closer attention to our waste across all three of MTD’s facilities. We plan to continue to ramp up these efforts by focusing on improving recycling at Illinois Terminal and the Maintenance Facility. We’re even considering a trial run of recycling on the buses in 2016—stay tuned!

"mcore" "project" "white street" "bike" "bus"

This corridor of White Street is one of the five project areas targeted by the MCORE Project. The need for updated, multimodal infrastructure is clear.

Breaking Ground on MCORE

In 2016 the community will start to see some noticeable signs of the Multimodal Corridor Enhancement (MCORE) Project. The partner agencies hope to begin work on White Street in fall 2016. Work on Green Street will soon follow. You’ll start to see improved access for all users, especially pedestrians, bicyclists, and bus riders. We’re looking forward to improved access for sustainable transportation!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these monthly Green Light reports the past year. Tune in on the first Monday of every month to read about the latest in MTD’s sustainability efforts.

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