How to ride.
The following instructions will tell you how to board a bus and exit safely at your chosen destination. You may also find it helpful to watch this short instructional video.
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You may board an MTD bus at any bus stop sign along its scheduled route. Each bus stop sign represents a designated stop and all boardings (and alightings) take place at designated stops.

While MTD drivers make every effort to operate on schedule, please remember that traffic and other factors may affect arrival times. To ensure that you catch your bus, make sure that you’re at your stop a few minutes before it’s scheduled to depart.

Wait for vehicles at the designated bus stop sign.

Once the bus has come to a stop and the door opens, step on. The operator will kneel the bus or extend the ramp upon request if you need help boarding the bus.

Please have the exact fare or pass ready when boarding (see Fare& Passes). Drivers can make change up to $5 prior to 7 p.m., but having the exact fare at all times will help keep your bus on time. If you need to transfer to another route to complete your trip, please ask for a transfer slip when you pay your fare.

After paying your fare, please sit in the first available seat, keeping in mind that the first few seats may be reserved for those with special needs. If no seats are available, please stand in the area by the rear door and secure yourself. You should only stand near the front if the bus is full.

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