Fares & Passes
MTD offers a safe, fast and inexpensive way to get just about anywhere you need to go within Champaign-Urbana. And with annual passes, you can lower your cost even more.
Regular Cash Fare

A standard ride costs $1, one-way, with free transfers from route-to-route. Only coins and $1 bills accepted. Drivers can make change for up to $5 prior to 7 p.m. Exact cash is required after that time. Seniors and Medicare Card holders may travel for $.50 or free with a DASH Pass.

School Fares (High School and Younger)

Cash fare is $1. Students may also purchase six tokens, each valid for one, one-way ride, for $3. You may purchase tokens from any MTD driver until 7 p.m. or at the Illinois Terminal during normal business hours. School tokens are accepted at all times from those in high school or younger. Individuals using school tokens may be required to prove eligibility.

Children’s Fare

Children who are 46 inches or shorter in height may ride free when accompanied by a fare-paying passenger.

Free Transfers

Free transfers are issued for connections with other MTD routes. Transfers are issued ONLY at the time a fare is paid and are valid only at points where routes intersect. Transfers are issued to allow a passenger to make a complete, one-way trip, and are not intended to allow a passenger to make a return trip to the point of origin. Transfers must be used on the first connecting bus.

Annual Pass

For $84, you can buy a non-transferable annual pass. All annual passes start on the first day of the month and are good for 12 months of unlimited travel on MTD. You may purchase an annual pass at the Illinois Terminal. A picture will be taken for your pass at no charge. In addition to cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.

Monthly Pass

The non-transferable $20 Monthly Pass is good for unlimited riding for any one-month period. The pass starts on the first day of the month and may only be purchased at Illinois Terminal.

All-Day Pass

Ride all day Saturday or Sunday for just $2. An all-day pass can be purchased from any driver until 7 p.m.

DASH Pass for Seniors

Seniors sixty-five and older may obtain a DASH Pass — good for free, unlimited travel on any regular MTD service, by providing proof of age at the Illinois Terminal.

DASH Pass for Riders With Disabilities

Medicare Card holders and persons with significant difficulty boarding or alighting from an MTD vehicle may qualify for a DASH Pass, good for free, unlimited travel on any regular MTD service. Applications for DASH Passes must be submitted at the Illinois Terminal and must include a copy of a Medicare Card or certification from an MTD authorized agency. Please contact ADA Customer Service for the list of authorized agencies. DASH Passes will be mailed to the applicant upon approval.

iCard (University of Illinois I.D.)

All eligible University of Illinois students, faculty, and staff have unlimited access to all routes and services at all times. Arrangements with the University make it unnecessary for these riders to pay a fare. When boarding at a campus iStop, simply board the route identified as an iStop route (no fare required). When riding community services, all eligible students, faculty, and staff are required to present their valid University-issued identification card.

iStop LogoiStop

iStops are MTD stops located on and near the University of Illinois campus where it is unnecessary to pay a fare or show identification for certain routes: 10 Gold, 22/220 Illini, 13/130 Silver, 12/120 Teal, and 1/100 Yellow routes (only). Signage at the stop identifies which routes are iStops; these routes are identified with an orange stop sign-shaped icon with an "i" in the center.

  • 10 Gold: No ID is required from E-14 to Goodwin and Springfield.
  • 22/220 Illini: No ID is required at any stop located south of University Avenue.
  • 13/130 Silver: No ID is required from VetMed to Goodwin and Springfield.
  • 1/100 Yellow: No ID is required northbound at any stop from Research Park to Stoughton and White. No ID is required southbound at any stop from White and Wright to Research Park.

Please remember that on your return trip it may be necessary to pay a fare or show ID if you board for your return trip outside the boundaries described above or on a different route. Be sure to always have cash fare or proper identification for your return trip.