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Welcome to the MTD Trip Planner

You gotta start here.

To plan your trip, you only need two things — a starting point and an ending point. To begin, just enter a street, an intersection — even a store name or popular landmark. Using information from the MTD database and Google search results, we’ll find the quickest path to your destination.

How it works. And why it rocks.
Planning your trip has never been easier — or more refined — thanks to a powerful combination of tools that help you get where you want to go.

Google inside.
Because STOPwatch.Journey incorporates Google search results, you don’t have to know the exact address of the nearest official bus stop. Just give us a street, a business name or even a nearby landmark, and we’ll help you find your stop, using information from our database and Google search results.

GPS outside.
With STOPwatch.Journey, you’ll never have to wonder if your bus is on time again. Using global positioning satellites (GPS), STOPwatch tracks every bus in our system, so you’ll always know when to expect the next bus.