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From summer roadwork to winter delays, events may happen from time to time that require us to make an unexpected change to our regular routes. When this happens, you'll get the details here. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience, as well as our personal assurance that we're doing our best to minimize these disruptions as they occur.

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REROUTE ALERT: Due to construction, Pennsylvania Avenue is closed between Fourth Street and Maryland

5E Green Express: Gregory to Fourth and end the trip at Fourth and Pennsylvania.

AM. 5W Green Express: Sixth to Peabody to Fourth to Kirby and regular route.

PM. 5W Green Express: Begin trip at Fourth to Peabody and regular route.

8W Bronze: Pennsylvania to Dorner to Gregory to Fourth and regular route.

21 Raven: Pennsylvania to Dorner to Gregory to Sixth and regular route.



  • 5 Green Express
  • 8 Bronze
  • 21 Raven