Earth’s single most abundant energy resource is over 4.5 billion years old and about 93 million miles away—the Sun. More energy from the Sun falls on the Earth in just one hour than is used by everyone in the world for an entire year. This excess renewable energy can be captured by solar panels and utilized for electricity. Solar panels are made of many solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity. Many solar panels combined together create a solar array.
Solar Array

A 296.94 kilowatt solar array is installed on the roof of MTD’s Maintenance Facility at 803 East University Avenue in Urbana. The sun’s energy is captured by 1,212 panels that generate approximately 350,000 kilowatt hours of renewable energy every year. The energy captured by MTD’s solar panels replaces about one quarter of the Maintenance Facility’s electricity consumption. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by approximately 270 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents per year. MTD understands that this solar array is the largest in Champaign County (as of ).


MTD’s solar array is monitored at all times, and solar power production levels are closely compared to the Maintenance Facility’s energy consumption levels. See how our solar array is performing in real time and learn about more of MTD’s sustainability initiatives on our dashboard.

Solar Shelters
An MTD bus shelter that is lit by a solar LED light fixture.

MTD is also spreading solar energy throughout the community with smaller solar panels installed at ten bus shelters. A 55-watt solar panel sits above each bus shelter collecting energy from the sun throughout the day. This energy is stored and used to power the LED lighting fixtures inside the shelter as necessary.