Policies & Practices: ESMS
Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy is a commitment. It is a promise that MTD will not only monitor our environmental impacts, but set measurable goals towards reduction and pollution prevention. This policy was adopted on March 30, 2011 and is reviewed every two years. This policy gives direction and purpose to internal actions. It also reflects the value we place as an organization on addressing environmental concerns to better serve our community and stakeholders.

View the full Environmental Policy (PDF)

The Environmental and Sustainability Management System is focused on three MTD facilities. Each of these facilities is unique and therefore has its own potential for environmental impact.

  • Administration & Operations Facility (1101 East University Avenue, Urbana): includes office space, meeting rooms, customer service center, control center, fitness center, kitchen, break room, basic facility maintenance, and a parking lot
  • Illinois Terminal (45 East University Avenue, Champaign): includes bus stop platforms, passenger waiting area, MTD customer service center, public restrooms, Amtrak train station with waiting area and ticket office, Greyhound ticket office, commercial and office space, classrooms, banquet and meeting center, kitchens (two), basic facility maintenance (air handlers, chiller, boiler, etc.), and a parking lot
  • Maintenance Facility (803 East University Avenue, Urbana): bus fueling, bus washing, body shop services, light and heavy maintenance bays, machine shop, tire shop, parts storage, and bus overflow storage
Significant Aspects

MTD’s activities and services, referred to as environmental aspects, are those that interact with the environment and may have an impact. To prioritize efforts, all aspects are scored and ranked across a list of criteria. MTD focuses on materials or activities that have the greatest potential for impact or probability in our working environment and deem these significant aspects.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001:2004 standard defines the environment as “surroundings in which an organization operates including air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans, and their interrelation.”

By accepting this definition, MTD is thoroughly committed to reducing our impact, actual or potential, on the environment through this Environmental and Sustainability Management System.

Aspects are selected for improvement, as well as successfully controlled, throughout the year. MTD is committed to keeping you, our stakeholders, in the know. MTD’s blog, The Inside Lane, regularly features updates related to our Environmental and Sustainability Management system. These posts include progress on new, current, and past significant aspects as well as training, contractor relations, and opportunities for improvement. Visit the Green Lights category to read the latest post.

Objectives, Targets, and Programs

In an effort to control our significant aspects, MTD strives to reduce and prevent environmental impacts. Objectives are overall environmental goals related to an aspect. Targets are performance requirements that respond to the environmental objectives. They serve as metrics for establishing the completion of an objective. Programs are like a road map to controlling and reducing aspects. From this three-tiered system, MTD develops procedures for of monitoring and measurement.

Want to follow our progress? As detailed above, MTD’s blog is a regularly updated outlet. ESMS updates are posted under the Green Lights category.

Annual Environmental Report

MTD’s Environmental and Sustainability Management continues to expand. The fenceline has expanded to include two facilities and the list of aspects is ever-growing. To track our accomplishments and keep our Board informed, the ESMS Team developed the inaugural Environmental Report in 2014. These reports will include a summary of the year’s ESMS advancements as well as general sustainability efforts and landmarks. Look for a fresh edition every December!