Hybrid Buses
' In our ongoing mission to help reduce our carbon footprint, MTD has invested in the latest commercial hybrid technology. Nine diesel-electric hybrid buses were added to our fleet in 2009, including five, 30-foot and four, 60-foot articulated buses. In March 2011, twenty-three, 40-foot hybrid diesel-electric buses were added to the fleet and in January 2013, MTD added ten more 40-foot hybrids. The newest models feature a rear window, two roof windows, and additional seating! These fleet additions allowed MTD to retire old buses. MTD sold two retired buses to Danville Mass Transit District and others have been sold as scrap. The new buses bring MTD closer to our goal of an all hybrid fleet. After all, buses should be green and not heard.
Picture of 2013 MTD hybrid bus
Turning Fleet Green
New buses make everyone happy. Riders enjoy the new bus smell, operators appreciate the fresh equipment, maintenance technicians love the updated technology, and community members dig the sleek designs accompanied by very little noise. MTD’s bus fleet is 54 percent hybrid with a majority of buses aged less than five years. 54% of MTD buses are diesel-electric hybrids. Up from 9% in 2009. Want to see more? View photos from the 2013 bus build.
Why hybrids?
Because the ends definitely justify the green.
Reduced emissions, better air quality, and fewer greenhouse gasses.
Studies prove there are lower emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOX) and other smog-forming emissions from hybrid buses than conventional diesel buses.
Shhh! Vehicles powered by battery are nearly silent. This greatly reduces the noise pollution caused by vehicles, especially at low speeds.
Lower maintenance costs for brakes, transmissions, and oil. Overall, less wear and tear on the engine and transmission means fewer daily fill ups.
Thanks to the electric energy, hybrid buses consume less diesel fuel. 60-foot hybrid buses use 22 percent less fuel, 40-foots average around 25 percent less, and 30-foot buses use 30 percent fewer gallons of diesel.