Go Green
"Public transportation in the United States plays a vital role in reducing our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our nation’s reliance on foreign oil. Every year, thanks to public transportation use, carbon emissions are reduced by 37 million metric tons of carbon dioxide and our country saves the equivalent of 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline." (American Public Transportation Association. "Energy & Environment." Public Transportation Benefits. 2012. http://www.apta.com)
Got 20 seconds? Look at the cars driving by you and count the number of passengers in each one. How many of these cars held just the driver? When people use public transportation, instead of a single-occupancy vehicle, it can become one of the largest positive contributions they make towards reducing their carbon footprint.
At MTD, every day is Earth Day. From our vehicles, to our maintenance garage, to Illinois Terminal, to our administrative offices, MTD is driven by going green. Our passion for sustainability is contagious…in a good way! MTD supports the use of alternative transportation modes by providing bike racks on each vehicle and bike lockers at Illinois Terminal. We’ve been leading a quiet revolution in the community with recycling programs, sustainability partnerships, hybrid buses, and more.
Visit the pages of our "Go Green" section to learn about public transportation’s role in sustaining the environment, policies adopted by MTD, and ways you can help contribute to the environmental health of our community.
Learn how MTD is working proactively to cut costs, curb energy usage, and implement policies that support sustainability here, there, and everywhere.
What is a hybrid vehicle? Find out how MTD is integrating the latest technology to improve our service to you and the environment.
With bike racks on MTD buses and increased biking facilities at Illinois Terminal, it’s easier than ever to make a bike part of your commute. Understand ways to be a safe biker and how to be a biking advocate in C-U.
People of all ages are taking to the streets to improve their health and our environment. Learn how to stay safe and improve the "walkability" of your neighborhood.
Need to run errands or make a doctor’s appointment? We can help you with that too. Join the car share program, Zipcar, and reduce costs along with your environmental footprint.
Discover your impact on the environment with calculators that help you determine the real costs of driving a personal car, household utilities, and other consumptions.
Gain perspective on the positive impacts of public transportation with local and national statistics.