Marketing to Go.
From interior posters to full bus wraps, advertising with MTD offers a way to spread your message that’s fun, flexible and affordable. Like a moving billboard, our buses put your message in front of an audience that’s always on the go.
And yet, we go places billboards simply can’t, taking your message everywhere we go. With MTD, you can cover a bus or cover an entire city. And you can also target your message to specific routes, gaining valuable face time with regular commuters who travel past your business doors every day. To learn more, call 217.384.8188, or explore all the links in this section to discover all the great ways you can reach your customers with marketing on the go. Click on the links in the grey bar above for rates for the different advertising options.
PDF downloads.
The following files will fill you in on all the details you need to know when it comes to local transit marketing. Got more questions? Just give us a call at 217.384.8188. We’ll be glad to assist you with a customized marketing plan.
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MTD Advertising Guidelines
From printing responsibilities to the approval process, you’ll find everything you need here to take your campaign from the drawing board to the streets.
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MTD Advertising Terms and Conditions
Not sure if your idea will fly on the side of a bus? Just print this file for a convenient guide covering the ins and outs of local transit marketing.
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MTD Reservation Policy
Who decides what message runs where? For questions on exclusivity and reservations, download this handy guide.
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