Upcoming Changes to 14 Navy and 9A/9B Brown
By Lisa Meid on 2/6/2018 12:00:00 AM

As of Monday, February 26, 2018, MTD's weekday 14 Navy route will expand to begin serving Carle at the Fields, Windsor Road, Lot E-14 on the University of Illinois campus, and First Street in Midtown every 30 minutes, all day. Additionally, the 9A/9B Brown will begin serving Lot E-14, but otherwise remain unchanged.

Please note that the Mullikin area will continue to be served by the 14 Navy only in the mornings and afternoons, as it is now. Because the campus portion of the weekday 14 Navy route will also be modified, some current weekday 14 Navy passengers will want to instead ride the 9A/9B Brown.

"I'm excited to see the MTD implement the new Navy Route with its service to so many of the City's major employment centers," said Champaign Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen. "This route establishes a strong connection between the new Curtis Road Interchange, the University of Illinois Research Park, and our revitalized Midtown District and Downtown Champaign."

We appreciate our passengers and are here to help you plan or change your trips—please contact us at 217.384.8188 for assistance. A new map and schedule for the 14 Navy can be found here.