Always driving forward.
In 1958 there were one million riders taking the bus in Champaign-Urbana. Today, we serve well over 13 million, with a growing fleet of hybrid buses that would have been a technical marvel to passengers from that earlier time. And while much has changed since that simpler time in public transportation, the important things have not. At MTD, we're still driving forward, working together with the citizens of our community to provide service that's second to none.
Small city. Big honors.
While C-U MTD isn't the largest transportation system, it's received some of the highest honors within the transportation industry. In 1984, we received our first national honor, when USA Today ranked MTD the seventh best transportation system in America. Since then, we've also received the American Public Transit Association's Outstanding Achievement Award on two different occasions, and even enjoyed international acclaim as one of the Swedish Public Transportation Association's eight "Chosen Cities." But our highest honor — and best gauge for our performance — will always be the respect of the community we serve. And in 2008, we're proud to say that we took top honors in that department as well, earning a customer satisfaction rate of 98%.
MTD 101
We Are MTD introduces you to the services and facilities the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District provides and operates. Riding public transportation provides more than just a means to a destination. Public transit saves money, promotes healthy lifestyles, helps the environment, and develops our communities.
We are MTD.
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Notable News.
There's always something new happening at MTD, whether we're adding routes or upgrading our buses to improve our service to you. For the latest news and press releases, click here.