November 26, 2015
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How Do Buses Handle Potholes?

The short answer – not well. While smaller transport modes like cars and bicycles can nimbly dodge these winter traps, large vehicles like garbage trucks, 18-wheelers, salt trucks, and buses cannot. Thankfully, the record ridership we’re seeing is taking more … Continue reading

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Why Buses Can’t Kneel When It’s Below Zero

It’s not because the buses don’t want to. The operators aren’t in a rush to get the doors closed because the cold air is pouring in. Buses, just like all other vehicles, can have performance issues in severe weather. Below … Continue reading

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MTD Provides Intern Toolbox to Parkland College

A new, fully equipped, mechanic’s toolbox filled mostly with MAC Tools is available at Parkland College for Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD) interns enrolled in their Diesel Power Equipment (DPE) Technology program. MTD worked in conjunction with a local MAC … Continue reading

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Green Light: Significant Aspects Controlled

Thanks to the implementation of an Environmental and Sustainability Management System (ESMS), MTD’s sustainability commitment is focused on continual improvement and pollution prevention. If you’re new to MTD’s environmental party, previous “Green Lights” can get you up to speed. MTD … Continue reading

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Joint Test on 60-Foot Articulated Bus

First in the United States MTD was recently selected to test a new, much more advanced bus joint design by manufacturer, Hubner. Although “bus joint” is the industry term, the center of an articulated bus is also known as an … Continue reading

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When to Pull the Stop Request Cord?

A Tweeter Asks @CUMTD I’ve noticed lots of new kids waiting on the voice prompt to request a stop. The voice usually comes just as u arrive to the stop this ends up frustrating ur drivers who tell ppl to … Continue reading

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Green Light: Fleet Update

Please excuse this break in content for a service reminder: There is no MTD service all day Monday, September 3 in observance of Labor Day. Next year, MTD is pleased to announce, we will welcome the arrival of ten additional … Continue reading

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Automatic Destination Signs

Automagic If you’re a follower of CUMTD on Facebook and Twitter, you’ve read periodic updates about our latest tech project. Facebook posts and tweets of the past detailed research and testing for automatic destination sign changing. Or as we call … Continue reading

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Safety on University of Illinois Campus

They’re Back! The official move-in day for University of Illinois Housing is Thursday, August 23. But as any veteran knows, the flood of new and returning students begins much earlier in the week. Safety continues to be our number one … Continue reading

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MTD Achieves Record Ridership in FY2012

The Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD) is proud to announce the achievement of another record ridership year. MTD surpassed 10.5 million rides in FY2011 which ended in July 2011. We entered FY2012 with the hope of reaching 11 million rides. … Continue reading

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