October 4, 2015
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International Walk and Roll to School Day

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International Walk and Roll to School Day is an annual event that brings awareness to safe routes to school.

“In my day, we walked to school! In the rain, in the snow, and it was uphill both ways!” said your parents, grandparents, or maybe even you, dear reader. This story is usually told to a youth perceived to be ungrateful about the ease of their modern day existence.

Well, MTD and many other community groups believe there’s something to this walking to school bit. So on Wednesday, October 7 several Champaign and Urbana schools will participate in International Walk and Roll to School Day. And they’ll be in good company. Thousands of students, parents, and communities representing more than 4,300 schools across the United States have pledged to walk, roll, and bicycle to school as well. Events are held annually in 40 different countries.

Ten area elementary schools, four in Champaign and six in Urbana, signed on to participate. Each school is taking their own twist on the morning event and some will even welcome local officials and Fighting Illini athletes.

Locally, school events are organized by the Champaign-Urbana Safe Routes to School Project (C-U SRTS) in cooperation with MTD, C-U Public Health District, City of Urbana, City of Champaign, University of Illinois, Champaign County Regional Planning Commission, and the Urbana and Champaign School Districts.

Why Elementary Schools?

Safe transportation to and from school is elementary. This young population is the perfect inspiration for quality roads and sidewalks. They are also at a great age to start developing healthy transportation habits early.

Creating safe routes to school for pedestrians, cyclists, students, and families of all physical abilities, is critical to making active transportation possible. Walk and Roll to School Day shines a spotlight on the importance of safe routes, which also goes hand in hand with increasing physical activity among children, decreasing traffic congestion, and improved environmental sustainability.

This year’s participating schools are:

  • Bottenfield Elementary
  • Carrie Busey Elementary
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Elementary
  • Dr. Williams Elementary
  • Leal Elementary
  • Robeson Elementary
  • South Side Elementary
  • Thomas Paine Elementary
  • Wiley Elementary
  • Yankee Ridge Elementary


"yankee ridge" "urbana" "school" "walk"

Walk and Roll to School participants in 2013 at Yankee Ridge were accompanied by City of Urbana council member Diane Marlin and a City of Urbana Police Officer.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that children and adolescents get one hour or more of physical activity each day. Walking to school, to the bus stop, or to a friend’s house, is a great start to reaching this recommended goal.

In 2009, 203,000 children ages 15 and younger were injured in motor vehicles crashes; 15,000 of those injured were pedestrians (NHTSA, 2011). It takes time and attention from all roadway users to make it possible for everyone to walk safely, especially in neighborhoods and school zones.

All participating schools are provided Walkability Checklists. These are completed by school staff and families to report specific areas needing attention.

Walking and rolling to school are also better for the environment. Fewer emissions help improve air quality. (MTD is doing our part, too!)

There are many more benefits to our community when active transportation to school is supported. Share your favorite benefit in the comments. And we’ll see you next Wednesday for Walk and Roll to School Day!

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Multimodal Corridor Enhancement (MCORE) Project Open House

"CUMTD" "bus" "Green Street" "MCORE" "project" "TIGER" "university of illinois" "champaign" "urbana"

The displays at the MCORE Project Open House included animations of the new and enhanced traffic flow.

Last week on Thursday, September 17, the partner agencies and consultants of the MCORE Project hosted a public meeting to get input on final designs for the five project areas.

Around this time last year, we blogged about the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Grant awarded to our community. We covered the partner agencies (MTD, City of Champaign, University of Illinois, and City of Urbana) seeking to improve mobility through the core of our community with improved and enhanced infrastructure. The partner agencies put up 55% of the funds needed ($19,178,138) and the Federal (TIGER) Grant came through with the rest and awarded $15.7 million.

The $35 million dollar project targets portions of Green Street, White Street, Wright Street, and Armory Avenue. So, this you knew. So what’s taken place in the last year since the grant was awarded?

Meet the Consultants

"public transit" "MCORE" "project" "bus" "TIGER" "university of illinois" "urbana" "champaign"

An attendee views the summary of bus enhancements which include STOPwatch kiosks, level boarding at transit platform, bus shelters, and transit platform islands.

Consultants were hired to provide expertise and rigorous research to realize quality mobility transformation in each of the project areas. The agencies include Clark Dietz, Inc., Hanson Professional Services, T.Y. Lin International, Millennia Professional Services, Third Coast Design Studio, Site Design Group, Ltd., The Roderick Group, and Engineer Research International.

Each consulting agency offers professionals with different industry expertise including engineers (structural, geotechnical, and field), landscape and architecture specialists, sustainable designers, utility coordinators, and drainage experts. The consultants are also working to help the five projects maintain ADA compliance along with complete street designs.

Months of Collaboration

After the grant was awarded and the consultants were hired, the partner agencies began meeting regularly. Jane Sullivan, MTD’s Grant Manager and Sustainability Planner, serves as one of the MTD representatives.

“The partner agencies and consultants have discussed every single decision presented in the now public project plans,” said Sullivan. “Each partner agency comes to the table with their own agenda. And at first, everyone might not agree.”

While all partner agencies agree on the overarching project purpose, the real-life selection of those details is more complicated. MTD seeks to improve service to our passengers. We want to see projects that make riding the bus easy and safe for all users. The University is thinking about the campus flow and the ease of access to visitors. And then the cities are looking at the big picture, the community at large.

“We didn’t always start the meetings with 100% agreement, and sometimes it took a four-hour meeting, but all four agencies did meet in the middle,” Sullivan said. “Ultimately we all want streets that are safe and functional for all modes of transportation.”

The partner agencies also need final approval from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) who is responsible for monitoring the funds and execution of the grant. The agencies continually keep IDOT in the loop as plans for each project are developed.

Project Schedule

Because of the nature of the grand funding requirements, the five projects have been divided into two phases.

"MCORE Project" "urbana" "champaign" "university of illinois" "projects"

This map displays all five projects and their boundaries.

The first phase includes Projects One through Three. Project One is on Green Street from Wright to Busey. Project Two is also on Green Street from Neil to Fourth. And Project Three is on White Street from Second to Wright and on Wright Street from White to Springfield. Bid Letting is scheduled to occur for Projects One, Two, and Three in June 2016 and construction is slated to start August 2016. The target for Substantial Completion, which means the streets are open to traffic and safe for use, is late 2017.

The second phase includes Projects Four and Five. Project Four is on Armory Avenue from Fourth to Wright and on Wright Street from Armory to Springfield. Bid letting is expected to occur early in 2018 with construction beginning in spring 2018. Substantial Completion for Projects Four and Five is expected in late 2019.


The MCORE Project is committed to maintaining frequent communication. The website is updated regularly and the team has Facebook and Twitter accounts dedicated to the project. You can also sign up for email updates and submit project questions.

All travel modes will be impacted when construction begins! MTD will distribute detailed reroute information as soon as timelines are finalized. Thanks for making adjustments and let’s look forward to a healthy and active community core.

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Where Public Transportation Goes, Community Grows

As our Congressional delegation returns to Illinois for a month-long recess, public transportation systems across the country, including yours truly, are urging passage of a long-term transportation bill.

Temporary Extensions

The current funding extension will expire on October 29, 2015, and the U.S. Senate has moved forward with the first step in the process by providing funding for a three year transportation bill.  Now the focus is on the U.S. House of Representatives and it’s time for them to recognize the real benefits of investing in our transportation infrastructure, especially public transit, by passing a bill that provides six years of funding to help grow our national and local economies.

"cumtd" "altgeld hall" "green and wright" "mtd bus"

Pictured is a bus purchased in 2003. There are 33 of these in our fleet and MTD purchased them with the help of federal funds. And hopefully, with continued access to federal funds, we can replace them when they reach the end of their useful life.

We know that where public transportation goes, communities grow. For every $1 invested in our public transportation infrastructure, there is $4 in economic benefits. On the national level, more than $227 billion in economic productivity is at risk to the nation’s economy over six years without long-term federal investment in public transit. This national issue has a real impact locally, benefiting residents of our community in many ways, including improving access to jobs, supporting economic development, and encouraging long-term growth.

MTD uses Federal funds to purchase new buses and vans as well as to keep our facilities updated and efficient. As we prepare to buy new buses this year, MTD is relying on these Federal funds. Some of the buses we will retire from 2003, of which there are 33, were purchased with Federal funds. Then and now, transit agencies like ours need Federal support to keep our fleet environmentally friendly, safe, and up-to-date.

The Multimodal Corridor Enhancement Project (MCORE) was made possible thanks to a $15.7 million match by Federal Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) funds. Speaking of the project designed to improve mobility in our communities’ core, the next public meeting is this Thursday at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center.

"construction" "university avenue" "mtd" "cumtd"

MTD demolished our old Maintenance Facility built in 1974. MTD will expand our current facility onto the land pictured.

MTD’s Maintenance Facility expansion in Urbana is occurring also thanks in part to Federal funds. The construction project itself brings jobs to the area. And once completed, the expanded facility will enable MTD to continue growing and improve upon our services.

Nationwide Value

Americans recognize the benefits of public transportation, economic and otherwise. According to a recent survey conducted by the American Public Transportation Association and the Mineta Transportation Institute, 75% of Americans support using tax dollars to improve public transportation, and close to 70% agree that Congress should increase the level of investment in public transportation infrastructure. Americans realize our infrastructure needs must be addressed with long-term solutions. While other nations significantly invest in their infrastructure, America now ranks 28th in infrastructure investment and continues to fall behind our global competitors.

Maintaining the condition of our public transit infrastructure is an issue of critical importance – to our community and our nation.  Investment in surface transportation infrastructure is far below what is needed to meet demand and to keep our systems in a state of good repair.  The short-term funding packages that have characterized the last decade of transportation investment are not sufficient to support the growth and development of robust and efficient public transportation systems across the country.

Share Your Voice

Help us urge lawmakers to pass a long-term revenue source this year that increases investment to support our nation’s transportation infrastructure – including public transit.  To join us in support and to contact our Congressional delegation, please follow the easy-to-use tools on Voices for Public Transit.

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Green Light: Light the Night 2015: Top 5 Reasons to Participate

"light the night" "bike rack demonstration" "mtd" "bus"

MTD will bring a bus to Illinois & Lincoln again for live, no pressure bike rack demonstrations.

It’s that time of year again! For the eighth year in a row, MTD is teaming up with other local agencies to bring you the ‘Light the Night’ Bike Light Distribution Campaign.

The event is this Wednesday, September 9 from 4:00 until 7:00 pm (or until all light sets are installed). Teams of volunteers including law enforcement will install bicycle lights, educate bicyclists about laws that require bikes to have lights at night, and provide information on safe riding during both daylight and nighttime hours.

If you aren’t already convinced to participate, here are our top five reasons to stop by with your bike tomorrow…

1) For Your Own Safety

With daylight hours shrinking, and the end of Daylight Savings Time fast approaching, the organizers think this is an ideal time to remind bicyclists of the need for front and rear bike lights in low light conditions. Drivers should also be reminded to be alert for bicycle traffic at all times of day and night, and to remember that bicycles travel on the same roads, must obey the same rules, and have the same rights as automobiles.

2) It’s the Law

"bike project" "light the night" "safety vests" "alma mater" "green and wright" "safety"

Volunteers hard at work at the Alma Mater site at last year’s Light the Night.

The purpose of the campaign is to improve the visibility of bicyclists at night while educating riders about the safety benefits of a bicycle light and the requirement for a front light and rear reflector as specified in Illinois law for operation of bicycles at night.

The Illinois rules state that every bicycle when in use at nighttime must be equipped with a lamp on the front able to emit a white light visible from a distance of at least 500 feet, and with, at least, a red reflector on the rear visible from 100-600 feet. A lamp emitting a red light visible from a distance of 500 feet to the rear may be used in addition to the red reflector.

3) It’s Free

Bicycles will be equipped with a set of front and rear lights by teams of volunteers at each location. Remember that lights will only be installed on bicycles without lights; lights will not be given to individuals.

Local agencies including MTD, City of Urbana, City of Champaign, and the University of Illinois donated funds to provide 2,200 bicycle lights for this event.

Many other volunteers make this event possible every year including the Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign, Champaign Urbana Urbanized Area Transportation Study (CUUATS), Champaign County Bikes, and the Campus Bike Shop.

"cumtd" "bus" "60 foot" "articulated" "light the night" "bicycle" "safety" "hallene gateway"

Get there early! The event starts at 4:00 pm, but eager cyclists are known to begin lining up early. And look at that bus in the background!

4) It’s Convenient

Bicycle lights will be installed at two locations on campus:

5) Practice with an MTD Bus Bike Rack

We know that the bike racks on the front of MTD buses can feel intimidating, especially for first-timers. To help you practice without the real-life pressure, MTD will have a bus parked at the Lincoln & Illinois location for bike rack demonstration. MTD employees will be there to help you get comfortable with it and to answer any questions. Brush up on the procedures with this online resource. There will also be a bike rack to practice with at the Wright & Green location. This will be the same bike rack that is used on MTD buses, but it will not actually be attached to a bus.

We hope we’ve convinced you! Spread the word and join the event!

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Take the 280 tranSPORT to Illini Home Football Games

The first home football game of the 2015 Fighting Illini Football season is this Friday, September 4! MTD operates two versions of the 280 tranSPORT on home game days to run fans directly into the action.

"280 transport" "60-foot" "bus" "articulated" "memorial stadium"

This is the final stop for 280 tranSPORT Urbana riders – literally at the gates of Memorial Stadium.

Follow the Footballs

There is a 280 tranSPORT Champaign and another route for Urbana. Both versions of the tranSPORT have designated stops marked on the route maps with footballs and on the street by big blue signs. Both routes serve large parking decks that offer free or low-cost parking options.

The 280 tranSPORT Champaign begins on Church Street just west of Neil. Fans can leave their vehicles in the Hill Street Parking Deck and ride through downtown Champaign to campus. The second stop is at Green & Wright. The Campus Center Public Parking Deck on Green Street is open and visitors staying at the Marriott Towne Place Suites both have just over a block to walk to catch the tranSPORT. And then, fans alight at Fourth & Peabody, just a couple blocks northeast of Memorial Stadium.

The 280 tranSPORT Urbana begins at the North Campus Parking Deck located on Goodwin Avenue just south of University. Fans can board at the Ceramics Building, across from the Alice Campbell Alumni Center on Gregory Place, and finally at Goodwin & Gregory. The 280 tranSPORT Urbana will alight fans at Fourth & Kirby.

"280 tranSPORT" "Green" "Wright" "cocomero" "tshurt" "student services arcade building"

Fans boarding on campus should wait at Green & Wright near Cocomero. Pictured is the sign fans can look for along both the Champaign and Urbana tranSPORT.

Rules of the Ride

The rules to ride are simple. If you are a University of Illinois affiliate, just show your iCard. If you have an MTD Annual or Monthly Pass, just show your pass. If you have none of the above, you can pay $2 to ride round-trip. Exact cash fare is preferred, but operators can make change up to $5.

The tranSPORT begins operating two hours before kick-off. This Friday’s game against Kent State begins at 8:00 pm, so the first tranSPORT begins at 6:00 pm. Each stop will be served approximately every 15 minutes until the game begins. You may return on the tranSPORT any time during the game. Just look for the 60-foot buses labeled 280 tranSPORT at the stop you alighted at. So if you took the Champaign route, please walk back to Fourth & Peabody. If you want to return on the Urbana route, you can look for the buses on the east side of Kirby Avenue.

The 280 tranSPORT will continue operating northbound trips from Memorial Stadium for 30 minutes after the game ends.

Have you taken the 280 tranSPORT before? How was your trip?

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Community Outreach Fun

MTD takes time throughout the year to attend community events. We take every opportunity to staff a booth, answer questions, listen to feedback, distribute rider information, and give away fun and useful items! Already this spring/summer we attended touch-a-trucks, safety events, new student orientations, senior resource fairs, and more.

August hosts three of our favorite events; the Taste of Champaign-Urbana, Quad Day, and the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival are all top gear community favorites. Last weekend, MTD hosted a booth at both the Taste of C-U and Quad Day. Did we miss you? Be sure to visit us at the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival this Friday and Saturday, August 28 and 29. And remember, the main downtown Urbana streets (including Main, Elm, and Race Streets) will be closed all day Friday and Saturday. MTD’s Lincoln Square bus stops will be relocated to Illinois Street, just south of Lincoln Square Mall.

Taste of Champaign-Urbana

"CUMTD" "MTD" "Taste" "Champaign" "Urbana" "2015" "West Side Park" "bus"

MTD’s Marketing Mobile was out in style on the southwest section of West Side Park. Thanks to all of our visitors!

"CUMTD" "bus" "eraser" "taste" "champaign" "urbana" "pencil"

Taste of CU celebrates artists and foodies. Since these bus erasers are not edible, we thought we’d contribute to the art scene. We originally shared this picture on our Instagram account @cumtdbus.

"seniors" "free rides" "CUMTD" "bus"

MTD’s Chief Operating Officer Bryan Smith, left, and our Assistant Operations Director Randy Fouts, right, explain MTD’s free rides for seniors program.

Quad Day

"Quad Day" "MTD" "bus" "information"

Thousands of students flood the Quad and we’re so happy for the opportunity to get them bus ready. Thanks to the over 4,000 people who visited our booth!

"cumtd" "bus" "quad day" "app garage" "maps and schedules book"

We had thousands of copies of our 2015-2016 Maps & Schedules Book, a quick guide to campus service, info about our apps, and more.

"quad day" "cumtd" "bus" "information" "maps and schedules" "bus erasers"

20 MTD employees worked throughout the day to keep our Quad Day booth running like a well-oiled machine.

"quad day" "cumtd" "boxes" "maps and schedules"

Behind the booth was organized chaos! It was a race to get the goods in the hands of the students AFAP! #gottagetthere

Did we chat with you at the Taste of Champaign-Urbana or at Quad Day? Will we see you at the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival? Share your experience in the comments.

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A New Service Year, A New School Year

"2015-2016" "maps and schedules book" "mtd" "bus" "church st" "stopwatch kiosk" "bus shelter" "white street"

Welcome to our new service year! We’re looking forward to another great year of public transportation in Chambana!

It’s August 17, which means we are officially one day into our 2015-2016 service year! Welcome to our new year and a new school year.

In brief, the routes that were tweaked include the 1/100 Yellow, which changed routing slightly in Savoy. The 2/20U Red now serves the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District on every southbound trip. The 5 GREENhopper will serve Parkland College instead of Fieldstone at Horizon Hobby which is now served by the 16 Pink. The 6 Orange no longer operates on Camp Drive but stays on Church to Country Fair to University. The 7 Grey, 9A Brown, and 9B Brown now operate independent schedules but travel the same routing; the removal of these routes “interlining” resulted in timetable changes as well. The 16 Pink is operating an expanded route with an A and B clockwise and counterclockwise service that both operate every 45 minutes. The 21 Raven is a new campus route operating every 30 minutes, weekdays only, with service to Vet-Med instead of the 13 Silver. The final day of the 27/270 Air Bus operation will be Monday, August 31.

This covers the significant changes but we encourage a review of your specific route and trip before riding in the new service year. Last week’s blog post also covered the new service year.

University of Illinois

Speaking of last week’s post, we promised an overview of the returning UI service. These services will return at the start of the Friday, August 21 service day.

  • 2 Red Express trips, marked with “L” and “U” footnotes, return to add frequency on campus.
  • 12 Teal: Trips marked with “U” footnotes return, which brings the frequency back up to every 10 minutes.
  • 13 Silver: Trips marked with “U’ footnotes are back and increase the frequency to every 10 minutes. The full 130 Silver will operate on the evenings and weekends. Note that the 130 Silver continues to serve Vet-Med.
  • 22/220 Illini: No more limited routing, no more limited frequency. The full Illini route with 10 minute frequencies is back for weekday daytime, weekday evening, Saturday evening, and Sunday evening service!
  • Late Night (after midnight): Five MTD routes offer trips after midnight and those trips will return Friday night (Saturday morning). The routes are the 50 Green, 100 Yellow, 120 Teal, 130 Silver, and 220 Illini.
  • 335 SafeRides: The van service designed to provide safe transportation for people traveling alone at night will also return on Friday. New to the service? Make sure to read the rules and this blog post is helpful, too.

Welcome to new students, faculty, and staff and welcome back to the veterans! MTD will be at this Sunday’s Quad Day (August 23). We’ll have all the goods to get you on the road to easy riding.

"parkland college" "bus stop" "maps and schedules" "stopwatch kiosk" "student union"

Parkland College will now see the 5 GREENhopper and 16 Pink pull into the Student Union Bus Stop!

Parkland College

Parkland College students and staff have significant service expansions to look forward to this year. All the weekday daytime service from years past remains (7 Grey, 9A Brown, 9B Brown), but now Cobras can look for the 5 GREENhopper every 30 minutes along with the 16 Pink every 45 minutes.

Champaign Unit 4 and Urbana District 116

MTD transports Champaign and Urbana middle and high school students who are not within walking distance of their school and live in our operating District.

MTD divides our school transport service by zones for each middle and high school. You can view the zones in detail on the middle right section of our Maps & Schedules website page. MTD can look up which zone your family is in, and subsequently what their transport will be to and from school, if you need assistance. School administration should provide this information to each household that qualifies for MTD service. MTD does not have access to individual names and addresses.

A sticker will be applied to each student’s ID who qualifies for MTD service. The stickers indicate which bus the student is assigned to ride. This helps the operator and the student confirm the student is riding the correct route. So please be ready to show your student ID upon boarding!

Come Visit Us

MTD will be at Taste of Champaign-Urbana (August 21 and 22) and the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival (August 28 and 29). We’ll have copies of the new Maps & Schedules Book, rider information and tools, and of course those cute bus erasers. MTD staff will be happy to answer your questions and hear your feedback.

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2015-2016 MTD Service Year


CUMTD, MTD, 2015-2016, service, green street, construction

2015-2016 Maps & Schedules Book


The first day of MTD’s 2015-2016 service year is this Sunday, August 16. The updated Maps & Schedules Book is available beginning today on our buses and at Illinois Terminal.

Routes Affected

MTD collects data and feedback throughout the year. Based on performance and demand, we propose service improvements in late May/early June at a public hearing. After collecting input and approval from our Board of Trustees, MTD Staff work throughout the summer to prepare all facets of our internal and external information with the new service improvements.

We summarized service changes and bus pass increases in this post we published in May. That post covers which routes and/or schedules are changing and why. You can download a pdf of the entire 2015-2016 Maps & Schedules book. Just look for the link in the Maps and Schedules section of our website.

Routes with the most significant changes include the 5 Green, 7 Grey, 9A/9B Brown, 16 Pink, and, of course, the brand new 21 Raven. There were some additional timetable and routing tweaks as well, so please be sure to take a peek at your route(s) to check the changes prior to August 16.

Passenger Resources and Tools

The full 175-page Maps & Schedules book can be a bit intimidating. Our Trip Planner is loaded with data for our current service year as well as the new data for the upcoming year. So enter a starting and ending destination (address, intersection, or landmark), set the date for August 16 or later, and see how your trips will operate.

MTD has also been hard at work to update passenger information on the street. Shelter boards have been updated and reprinted for all of our 100 plus shelters. We’re also ready to update all necessary bus stop signs with proper “routes serving” information. Six days of our current service year remain, so our Maintenance Department is slowly posting the new information to reduce confusion. If you see inaccurate signage after August 16, please let us know!

CUMTD, MTD, bus, Country Fair,  STOPwatch kiosk

Connections will increase at Country Fair thanks to the exoanded 16 Pink.

 The community-built apps are fueled by MTD’s API (application programming interface) and will be processing updated route and schedule information. Search for an app that fits your preferences in our App Garage. You can also look up bus departure times for any stop across the District on our mobile site, m.cumtd.com.

And sometimes you just want to talk to a human. We get that, too. Anytime MTD has service on the street, there are people answering the phones. You can call 217.384.8188 for route and schedule information, trip planning, bus riding 101, and whatever other public transportation questions you have.

The Customer Service Center at Illinois Terminal is open seven days a week. The staff there can also help you with route and schedule information as well as help you purchase an Annual or Monthly Pass. Speaking of passes, our rates are going up on September 1. Annual Passes will be $84 and Monthly Passes will be $20.

University, College, and Middle and High School

The first day of classes at the University of Illinois and Parkland College is Monday, August 24. But the legendary UI move-in week begins next Tuesday, August 18 and continues to accelerate throughout the week. MTD will reroute some of our service to avoid the dorms on Thursday, August 20. This is the official University Housing Move-In Day. MTD will lift summer service reductions on Friday, August 21. In next week’s post, we’ll cover the returning services in detail.

Parkland College affiliates should note that beginning Monday, August 17, the 7 Grey, 9A Brown, and 9B Brown will no longer interline and change into one another at Parkland. Their routes and schedules will operate independently. More service is in store as the expanded 16 Pink will now serve Parkland, too, along with the altered 5W GREENhopper. Honks for more service!

But before these fall semesters begin, the local Champaign Unit 4 and Urbana School District 116 students will return to the classroom next week. MTD contracts with both school districts to provide transportation for their middle and high school students. School trips are detailed in our weekday daytime routes with footnotes. You can also view maps of service zones for each school.

Happy new service year and thanks for riding! Please share your questions, comments, and feedback below.

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Green Light: Two MTD Facilities Certified

"ESMS" "MTD" "CUMTD" "ISO 14001" "certified"

MTD was certified in ISO 14001:2004 for our Environmental and Sustainability Management System

Last month MTD completed our annual third-party audit for ISO 14001 Certification. After four full days of facility visits, documentation review, and employee interviews, the auditor approved continuation of ISO 14001 Certification of the MTD Maintenance Facility’s Environmental and Sustainability Management System (ESMS).

Not only did MTD’s Maintenance Facility qualify to continue its ISO 14001 Certification, but Illinois Terminal was added to the list of certified facilities as well. We blogged about our decision to expand the scope of our ESMS to include Illinois Terminal back in March.


Words from the auditor to describe MTD’s environmental achievements:

The Environmental and Sustainability Management System (ESMS) developed for the Champaign Urbana Mass Transit District’s Maintenance Facility continues to effectively address the requirements of the Standard based on the results of this two day surveillance visit by a single qualified assessor. In addition, a two day change to approval visit reviewing the implementation of the ESMS at the Illinois Terminal demonstrated an effective incorporation of activities there. It is recommended that CUMTD should continue to be certified to the Standard with the inclusion of the Illinois Terminal.

The audit that occurred last month is considered to be MTD’s second surveillance audit which marks the end of our three-year certification period. Next year MTD will begin another three-year certification period. The beginning of a new certification period is an opportunity to take a step back and prove the success of our system once again.


"ESMS" "auditor" "ISO 14001" "Illinois Terminal"

The ESMS Auditor, right, surveys Illinois Terminal with its Manager, left.

One of the elements that the auditor observes at the annual visit is how the organization manages change. There are a few changes around the corner to which MTD will respond.

With the expansion of MTD’s Maintenance Facility there will be small changes to the scope of that facility’s ESMS. While there will not be any new activities occurring in the expanded space, additional employees will interact with the facility and therefore will need to be appropriately trained in accordance with the ESMS.

Additionally, the ISO 14001:2004 Standard is being revised. A new Standard (known as ISO 14001:2015) will take its place. The 2015 version of the Standard is expected in September 2015 at which point certified agencies will begin a transition process. Organizations that are already certified to the ISO 14001:2004 Standard, such as MTD, are granted a three-year transition period after the revision has been published to migrate their ESMS to the new edition of the standard.

MTD’s ISO 14001 Certification for the Maintenance Facility and Illinois Terminal is one of the many ways we hold ourselves accountable for the environmental impacts of our services.

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MTD Cleans Up Main Street

Earlier this summer, we reported on the status of MTD’s participation in the Adopt Urbana program. This post covered our commitment to the program as well as our recent adoption of Main Street between Vine Street and Glover Avenue. Our first cleanup of the season was scheduled for June 17 but was cancelled due to rain. Thus, we were excited to have good conditions for our re-scheduled cleanup on Tuesday, July 21.

MTD employees and family members enjoyed getting to know our new adopted roadway. Some were experienced parents and had participated in cleanups of our previous roadway on Windsor Road, and some were parenting for the first time!

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The MTD volunteers from the July 2015 Adopt Urbana clean up.

It took our crew of a dozen people about an hour to cover the .6 mile roadway. The City of Urbana provides the bags and rubber gloves while MTD provides employees the safety vests and grabbers. Thanks to the City of Urbana for organizing Adopt Urbana and for providing the opportunity care for the community we serve.

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MTD adopted Main Street in Urbana between Vine and Glover.

Is your business or group interested in Adopting Urbana? Learn more about the program and the commitment expected of parents. If you’re already participating, let us know in the comments below!

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